Oh God, No!

Apparently the new Doctor Who companion identifies as a trangendered person of African descent with ambiguous sexuality…

No word yet on the character’s job status, whether xys spouse is dead, or whether xhe has Advanced Late Stage MCXLIARELEVENTY Parkinson’s With Extra Exacerbating Stress Levels.

Let’s have a look:


Author: Paul Krendler

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13 thoughts on “Oh God, No!”

  1. Serious? Had no idea that is what they were going for with this companion. Maybe they could go with a half intelligible talking dog next time.

    Maybe they could stock the Tardis with an occasionally appearing corpulent cabin boy that abuses everyone who comes on board, never does any work, and rides around in a tiny golf cart.

  2. It's a long, sad slide from Sarah Jane.

    But, hey, they've checked their trendy cause box off.

    1. Or The Doctor doesn't like her name and remanded her. That wouldn't be out of character.

      And they could do it as an homage:
      "Billie? What kind of name is that for a girl? That's a boy's name. Fine, your name's Bill now."

  3. A person may "feel" like a woman, dress like a woman, and even convince a DUMBF5CK to have sex with them onstage in, for example, Japan.

    As long as they have a penis they're still male. And if they use it, continuing with the example, onstage in Japan, they're not being very ladylike, imo. Nor is the recipient DUMBF5CK.

    1. Oh Jane. I seem to recall (but I am getting old, and my memory is flighty) Witless Willie explaining that, although he did have sex on a stage in front of a paying audience with a prostitute, that prostitute was, to the best of his knowledge and belief, NEITHER a transsexual NOR a man. Anyone can see that the gender of the prostitute makes all the difference in the world. In the spirit of the times, someone should check: did the prostitute self-identify that night as a woman or a man. If the latter, then our betters instruct us that Willie did have sex on a stage in front of a paying audience with a MALE prostitute and that Willie's explanation was wrong.

    1. I know the TARDIS has a swimming pool, and I understand many people use those for that purpose...


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