Well, Yeah…If DUMBFUCK Had Been Right


…but we all knew how this was going to turn out from the beginning, didn’t we?

There’s a word…right on the tip of my tongue…six letters, starts with H, ends with S…goeth before a fall…


Wait, no…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Well, Yeah…If DUMBFUCK Had Been Right”

  1. Little known fact: the Greek tragedies originally had their heroes downfall caused by haggis, but the Romans thought that was obscene, so they rewrote them.

  2. In light of recent events, it looks like Billy might need some legal advice. Here goes:


  3. Krendler

    That headline needed to have been written in the double subjunctive.

  4. Oliver Wendell Jones sure seems confident for somebody who's suing for something that isn't recognized as a tort in Wisconsin.


    1. Well, you know, Team Kimbergarten's record of success against Aaron has been well documented. I'm sure Bill is relying on those results to support his glee.

    2. I'm not certain this representation would be the right idea.

      On the other hand, you can trust the plaintiff to do the wrong thing for his case, repeatedly.

      And there might well be wheels within wheels here.

      Good luck, Defendants and Defendant's counsel.

  5. https://twitter.com/hotcheeseshot/status/704698748518178817

    I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading Schmalfeldt's "MOMMY, HE'S BEING MEAN TO ME! MAKE HIM STOP" motions. I still cry little tears of joy when I think back to his "EXTORTION MOST FOUL" responses to David Edgren's filings.

  6. Alas poor William has once again hidden himself away. Most probably to draft the Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice. Of course on information and belief, he had that all ready printed up and signed and was just praying that the defendants didn't have a lawyer. Much less one trained at Yale Law.

    1. I don't think so. At least not yet.

      Oliver Wendell Jones traditionally blusters until he gets his recommended daily dose of adverse consequences and public humiliation before putting his gimp mask back on and sauntering into that good night.

      That should take at least two weeks, three dozen premature and hysterical declarations of victory and a motion for truly crushing sanctions and fees.

      I trust everybody remembers the gimp mask? And the shorts? They're red! Vroom, VROOM!


      1. I tend to agree. If it was any other lawyer, either an unknown quantity or a known attack dog like Ken Pope, I think he'd be looking for the lifeboats. But TK has this really bizarre view of Walker that defies reality.

        In a strange way, I think that this may be the best case scenario for getting this heard in court of that's the intended outcome. BK and friends will surely push from behind the scenes that Walker is a pushover and BS could take him with his eyes closed, And, with closed eyes, BS will walk into court and straight into a buzz-saw.

    2. Oh, I'm that sure that, for the foreseeable future, whenever the wind whistles a certain way, William will heat it whisper "Randazza," and few things are as truly delightful as that. Anything that haunts him makes me happy. That might be a character flaw on my part, but I prefer not to see it that way.

      However, Commodore Confirmation Bias has a tendency to look down on anyone that's he's interacted with personally. Regardless of their professional qualifications and personal experience, William convinces himself that he's not just their equal, but their better. After all, who needs to waste time on law school when you have the Internet and a credit card?

      I'm sure that David Edgren can tell you all about that, even though the Yokohama Playboy hilariously insists on lying about how that savage saga ended. You may not have forgotten that he published their confidential correspondence on his idiotic blogs and offered his delusional commentary on the Twitterz, but he has.

      And he'll do it again, too! I love Schmalfeldt for the same reason I love AC/DC. He never evolves an inch, but it never stops being amazing to watch. Somebody should put him in an Australian schoolboy uniform.

      Someday I'll write his biography.

    3. I think self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower is so addled by dementia it very well may think it has a case, and a chance against a Yale law alum. The longer the loathsome loser's handlers keep it spun up and believing its hallucinations are real, the easier it will be for real lawyer, and the bigger will be the judgment against the repulsive fat freak.

  7. Billy seeks reassurance: http://www.justanswer.com/intellectual-property-law/9koc3-plaintiff-lawsuit-alleging-defamation.html

    1. Oops. Seems he didn't understand the last answer.

      Probably won't cause a problem going forward against a trained attorney, right boss?

      Perhaps a bonus might be in order for distracting Walker, Esq. from that other pesky lawsuit?

    2. Well, surprise.

      As usual, Cousin Bill focuses on the *trivia* that he thinks will be the "judo move" that wins him his default judgment, while ignoring the substantive problems with his case.

      My lawyers are familiar with Cousin Bill's prior attempts at LOLsuits, yet were utterly astounded at his focus on said trivia.

      "This is not a game of 'gotcha!'" was the consensus over coffee, just now.

      Enjoy the meat grinder, Cuz. I think you've jumped the shark...

      1. I rather like the "I'll be rating this after I get an answer" comment. Seems like the perfect way to encourage someone to give you a clear, concise answer that you want to hear.

    3. Customer: replied 1 hour ago.
      I believe I do have the right to harass their attorney, assuming there is one. Right?

      Fixed it for ya, Billy!

    4. Is there any law that says they can't sell the clock urn from around SGotCU in order to satisfy their judgment? Because I really doubt Bill has $10K.

    5. I like this part of the answer:

      "attorney's fees, which in federal court is almost always at least $10,000 in advance"

      I felt myself clench at that dollar figure, and I'm not even the one at risk of having to pay fees and costs for frivolous law suits!

    6. This first sentence of the answer cracked me up.

      Hello again. This question feels vaguely familiar, like I've answered it before.

    7. Q. Where does Dumbfuck get this idiotic notion that a lawyer needs to be admitted where the defendant lives?

      A. At the bottom of a bottle of cheap scotch.


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