Well, That Was Unexpected


And by “unexpected,” I mean completely expected.


UPDATE:  The Truth Tribune and The Pontificator are also down.

Spoliate! Spoliate! Scrub to the music!

I guess that “giant sucking sound” we all just heard was someone’s stones crawling back inside the vagina where they will only ever be found with an electron microscope.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

28 thoughts on “Well, That Was Unexpected”

  1. Don't tell me he actually contacted law enforcement, and they ended up investigating him?

    No, he just realized he could no longer sustain the lie that criminal charges were about to brought against his enemies, so he wiped the proof of all his boasting.

    I use to wish that self-awareness would dawn on him, but I'm now entertaining the thought that that might be too cruel.

    1. I continue to suggest the fat freak's hell should include reviewing its entire miserable existence with total self-awareness.

  2. Do you think he even realizes that he has been 'here' many times before? Building himself up to filing a lawsuit, while bragging and strategizing on Twitter. He is so smart and bold and really understands the law better than any Lickspittle. When the case goes bad for him(because it always goes bad for him), he pulls everything offline, rebrands and focuses on his radio stations/podcasts/blogs. Hoge, Walker, Krendler etc. are insignificant nobodies who he doesn't give a seconds thought.

  3. Maybe he exhausted the supply of female relatives still speaking to him that he could run and hide behind like the giant cowardly pussy he is?

  4. We may have achieved "Critical Schmalfeldt", wherein all local (to him) law enforcement has become aware of his background...

    This bodes ill for Bill, much as it did when it happened for Deb Frisch.

    Cops ain't chumps. Most of them have finely tuned and exquisitely polished lie meters...

    1. Ever since I've been following the Fail Whale, I haven't been able to hear those recordings of "Whale Songs" without imagining them "singing" Billy's Song: "RAWRRRrrrrrr! BUTThuuurrrrrrt! MoooOOOoannnnnnn!"

  5. I'm sure going silent will work out for him. It's not like the postman has anything interesting for him, and he's the plaintiff in the case the judge is considering, worst case it gets dismissed.

    Although I'm hoping for a summary judgement: "In summary, you are totally lacking in judgement. 72 hour hold for observation, preferably by someone other than me!"

  6. Subpoenas.. the bestest undelete button evar!

    I think my lulz button is going to explode when that button is pressed!

  7. I have a feeling a fresh shipment of pharmaceutical grade lulz is on the truck as we speak. Prepare yourselves!

    1. ...while pharmaceutical grade lube is on the truck toward Canticle and Juniper Courts.




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