“T’weren’t Me, McGee!”

But I find it entertaining to watch the DUMBFUCK responsible for Tweets like these:

…feign shock at someone playing his game, by his rules, and kicking his ass.


Were I to hazard a wild and completely evidence-free guess, I would say, “Seek ye the geniuses at Encyclopedia Dramatica.”

Or, suck farts, you four year old.

P.S. How old you do think DUMBFUCK was before he stopped drowning cats and moved on to strangling them?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on ““T’weren’t Me, McGee!””

    1. As always, you start with the conclusion, assume it's fact, and warp the evidence to fit the truth you have already decided on. Look up "confirmation bias," you DUMBFUCK.

      Why aren't you asking the person who sent it?

    2. Bill, stop sending yourself graphic necrophiliac pictures to your self. We all know it's YOU that is sending them, so stop it. Your false flag operation will not work as usual. You have attempted this little trick many times with zero success. It's not working today, nobody believes you, especially law enforcement.


  1. He is always shocked, SHOCKED I SAY!!! that someone dare use the same tactics that he does.

    We've seen it over and over again. How many times were we TOLD, that we were going to doxx his "friends" and relatives? I'd say he even DEMANDED that we do so. He had quite the pissy party when nobody did as he wanted them to. He wanted somebody to become completely like him, and doxx and harass completely innocent people just to say that he is "better" than someone else. Although I don't know how you can claim that you are "better" than someone else when you offer up lambs to the slaughter. But this is Bill Schmalfeldt, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    And now he claims that you have sent him a nasty photograph. That he has PROOF! (even though he admits that it really isn't proof at all) that YOU DID IT!!!!

    I'm sorry, but who was the one who sent a horrible photo of his wife to well over a dozen different people? Who plastered unflattering to downright grotesque pictures of her all over the internet? Who photoshopped John Hoge and Ali Akbar into explicitly sexual homosexual photographs? And now someone has sent him something that he claims surpasses the boundaries of propriety and expects us to believe it and expects us to believe that "Grendler" did it?

    I don't believe a minute of it. And even if someone did send it to him, at this stage of the game I'd say he deserves it.

    1. Exactly, and well put, dear, sweet Ashterah.

      None of the horde have shown any sign of being able to even think of something like that, much less a willingness to go to that much trouble with such revolting subject matter, for such a revolting recipient.

      The dementia addled freak has repeatedly demonstrated it is deranged and diseased enough to come up with something like that, so is the logical creator.

      Otherwise, it could be any of the hundreds who've been touched by its evil over the years, or as our beloved HZIC suggested, someone from ED disgusted enough by the grotesque ghoul's documented history to go to the trouble.

  2. Not to mention, even if it were true, how are other parties obligated to reveal the identity (assuming they even know it) of Krendler?

  3. Paul, I don't think you have anything to fear from the DA or police, but I would worry about being too close to Billy.

    According to his tweet he wants to STRAP IT ON (probably to compensate for his lack of length on the Wee Willie department) and STEP INTO THE RING with you.

    Me thinketh he stared at that homoerotic corpse pic waaaaaay too long and it gave him some fantasies he now wants to fulfill.

  4. I just noticed something while reviewing some of my email. Here is part of an email that Bill Schmalfeldt sent to John Hoge, Patrick Grady and myself, as well as two of my local police officers:

    From: LordofSatire [mailto:lordofsatire@gmail.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 6:10 PM
    To: WJJ Hoge; patrick.g.grady@[redacted]; Scott Hinckley
    Cc: [redacted]; [redacted]
    Subject: Copyright

    In the case of Mr. Grady and Hinckley, this is a message from one pro-se in a lawsuit to two other pro-se’s in the same case.

    In the case of WJJ Hoge, this is a legal communication, not subject to the Maryland harassment statute.


    I have just filed a copyright application for the photo of Gail in the hospital. As I know who I sent the photo to, that means either a law enforcement officer decided to risk his job by scanning it and sending it to Grady for his blog, or either Mr. Hoge or Mr. Hinckley sent it to Grady.

    Grady has published portions of the photo. Not enough to file a claim. However, be on notice that if the photo is published I will immediately file a copyright infringement suit against Mr. Grady, Mr. Hoge and Mr, Hinckley.

    Please note that this is an explicit admission that Bill Schmalfeldt applied for a copyright of the "Picture of Doom!" AFTER he admits he sent it to some number of people. This is also an admission, on 21 July 2015, that he knows other people are in possession of the photo - which means his dismissal of LULZsuit V with prejudice prevents him from ever pursuing copyright infringement claims for the picture.

    In addition, at the time of this email, there were no ongoing lawsuits involving John Hoge and William Schmalfeldt, so there was no legal justification for Schmalfeldt to contact Hoge, in direct violation of Hoge's explicit no-contact request. That is harassment.

    Finally, Bill Schmalfeldt never sent that picture to these police officers. He did, however, send it to several of the John Hoge's local LEOs, but he never sent this message to them. What was his quote in the email? Oh yeah: "As I know who I sent the photo to, ...". Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. My, my, my! Such a shocking admission. One might say that it is "against his own interests" as it shows that he knows that he has blatantly lied about things in the past and intends to blatantly lie about them in the future. Interesting. Very, very interesting.

  5. Witless Willie seems to believe that he has a right to be believed. Let's see: he said he was Krendler, filed a copyright and everything, but Krendler is sending him things that upset him. If Willie IS Krendler and if anything upsetting was sent to him, then he is sending upsetting things to himself. I am relatively confident, however, that he is not Krendler and that Willie lies.

    I see no reason why I should believe anything said by a demonstrated liar. So Willie may not have been sent anything that upset him. It's conceivable of course that he was sent something that upset him (hard as that may be to believe). And he says that Krendler did it. So what is Willie's evidence other than his worthless testimony?

    The preceding is called logical reasoning. It is very useful if you want to prosecute a case. If, however, you are incapable of sustained logical reasoning, you are very likely to lose. You may do something really stupid like file an affadavit from a convicted perjurer.

  6. I have the strong suspicion that Bill "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt has drawn sufficient attention to his assholery to become a target of the underbelly of the internet. The horde are by and large reasonable folks. The people hanging out at ED and 4chan etc would think nothing of making Bill their newest LOLCOW and toying with him. And yes, for them sending horrific pictures is toying. Ah well, you act like an internet bully and you might just get taught a tough lesson.

    Now where did I stash that popcorn?

    1. I seem to recall that we've been warning Biwwy for years that he might just piss of the wrong person, someone who doesn't believe in (or at least not enough to follow) the rule of law.

      If it turns out this photo came from ED or 4chan, all I can say is that they would be hard put to find someone more deserving of their special brand of treatment.

  7. After 1 1/2 years of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt accusing everyone and their brother of being Paul Krendler, on 11/23/15 Bill Schmalfeldt finally admitted that HE was behind the Krendler persona and that HE was responsible for writing all of the blog posts at "Thinking Man's Zombie." Bill Schmalfeldt even went so far as to file for the copyright.

    Has he bothered to share this tidbit of information with law enforcement and the District Attorney yet?

    If they are not currently aware of these facts... they most certainly will be informed. As they, too, will learn that the Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt is using them to harass Patrick Grady who currently holds a two-year Restraining Order against him in the State of Illinois.


    "Thus, in April 2014, “Paul Krendler” was born. As Paul, I [BILL SCHMALFELDT] wrote disgusting, filthy works mocking things I had written on Patriot-Ombudsman."

    Time for Me to Come Clean on Undercover Troll
    November 23, 2015
    Safe linkage: https://archive.is/xpRSl


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