The Big Red Button

imageReminding DUMBFUCK of what a cowardly Gamma do-nothing he has been his entire life is just about the easiest push on his vast array of emo reactionary buttons.

There are few things more satisfying than the weak reaction you know is coming from a crazed little weasel who has never risen a single morning in his life without the fear that Mommy will once more burst into the room with clothespins to snap onto his weenie.



You mean the lovely and talented Cindy hasn’t come dashing to your door with a new DECLARATION to include in your next example of legal rhetorical mastery?

I’m shocked – SHOCKED!!

Dance back into your bottle, shitsniffer.

You’re drinking Blackbush tonight, right, in honor of the holiday?

You know what that was?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “The Big Red Button”

  1. This coming from the guy who fled in terror from his own lawsuit last summer?

    Bill, you're not convincing anyone with the faux-macho act. We all know the moment you realize what a mess you're in, you'll be screaming "DISABLED!!! VIETNAM-ERA VET!!! WIDOWER!!!111!!!"

  2. I've never called his apartment management company, but it may be time to send them another letter informing them of the legal shit that Bill is about to bring down on their head.

    In a related note, it is just about 6 months since Bill has moved in to his current residence. Most respectable facilities give you 6 months notice if they intend to renew your lease for another year. I wonder if Bill is going to be getting a nice "Sorry, but we have decided NOT to renew ..." letter soon.


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