Several Things, Offhand…

  1. “Well, the first thing you should know is, we have people…everywhere.”
  2. “Um…’Yawn?'”
  3. “Coffee is the highlight of the day so far.”
  4. “You’re a DUMBFUCK. But this isn’t news to anyone. Least of all the St. Francis Police Department.”
  5. “Thanks for the OUTSTANDING Monkeydancing yesterday. Truly spectacular! You really brought your A-game.”
  6. “I shudder to think how much material you’d have saved if you were really the stalker that NINE RESTRAINING ORDERS IN FIVE STATES say you are.”
  7. “Looks like today is going to be a beautiful day. Maybe some lucky local member of the Horde will happen to see you taking a rolly stroll this afternoon. You just never know, do you?”
  8. “The intimacy of your knowledge of the priorities and inner workings of law enforcement processes is truly mind-boggling.”
  9. “But not in the way you think it is.”
  10. “Seriously – if it worked the way you say, you’d be the – well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?”
  11. “You might need a caliper to measure your balls…I use a wheelbarrow just to tote mine around.”
  12. “A really BIG wheelbarrow.”

Anything else you wanna hear, DUMBFUCK?

Anything else to add, Horde ?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Several Things, Offhand…”

  1. Woulda worked better if I knew how to post a link. Ho-hum


    1. Tilly my current image plugin supports .gif, .jpg & .png extensions.

      I think you can extract a proper URL from the tools at Imgur, but the straight link doesn't work.

      Here's a shortcut. I went to the link you posted, which is an imgur page, not the actual image.
      Right-click the image (but be careful you don't become a COPYRIGHT THIEF!!! in the process), and click 'copy link address'
      You get a JPG URL that you can paste directly into your comment, like so:

      I might investigate a separate plugin specific to imgur later.

  2. LOL, sounds like someone's butthurt over getting nuked in his "CANT LOSE" lolsuit, LOL.

  3. "Anything else to add, Horde ?"

    Yes. William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. of St. Francis, WI is a proven liar, perjurer, and the filer of false criminal charges against people. I would be happy to provide documented proof of these statements to any law enforcement officer that wishes to see them. You may simply comment here and insert a link to a website with your contact information on it, and I will contact you.

    Full disclosure: I am one of the people who had to obtain a court-ordered no contact/no harassment order against Bill Schmalfeldt when he wouldn't leave me and my wife alone. He even threatened to take my wife's business away from her - I had to report Mr. Schmalfeldt to the Secretary of State of MA, the authority for corporation registration/ownership in our state.


      So Billy wants to manipulate Wisconsin law enforcement into avenging his butthurt, against someone who holds a RESTRAINING ORDER against Schmalfeldt?
      Good luck with that.

      1. Yeah - he is trying to get "Stalking", but fails to include this tiny bit of relevant material from the law:

        1. Maintaining a visual or physical proximity to the victim.
        2. Approaching or confronting the victim.
        3. Appearing at the victim’s workplace or contacting the victim’s employer or coworkers.
        4. Appearing at the victim’s home or contacting the victim’s neighbors.
        5. Entering property owned, leased, or occupied by the victim.

        EPIC fail, DUMBFUCK. EPIC!

  4. Thanks for the useful info, PK. Alas, I won't be able to fix it until after work. I peek in on you guys daily on my breaks. But, due to security issues, Internet use is a no-no in my job.
    Until then, here's a spoiler: scary kitten memes should become a thing today. IMHO


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