Seeking the Wisdom of Hordes

Is there anyone here who can credibly explain what Patrick Grady or I have to fear from a cowardly fuck like Bill Schmalfeldt?  Is he going to sue Grady? This super pro se who has never filed a lawsuit sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss? Is he going to try to take an internet pissing match – to which he brought only fear pee – into the real world, where the swollen prostate he got in the navy guarantees nothing more than ineffectual dribbling into his bacon-stripped tighty whities?

I’m not saying a lawsuit filed by DUMBFUCK should be taken lightly, even though the LULZ will be as plentiful as ever.  I’m saying that it should be taken seriously.  And as has been the case with every other suit he has been a party to, he should be beaten down…SERIOUSLY.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. I would think you'd be scared of what the DA is about to do. I mean, you know, it's worked so well in the past. I think his successful legal wranglings are on the internet somewhere. I'm certain he's good friends with the Sheriff and all his deputies.

  2. He is threatening another LULsuit? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Seriously Shaky, your lame attempts to draw out who Krendler is so you can attempt to sue him to stop telling the truth about you using your own words and actions is pathetic.

    You telegraph every thing you do.

    My advice, get off the internet and take up Quilt making.

    1. It would take up all of his time for sure. I know when I'm in the throes of designing a project it is all-encompassing for me. But he'd probably complain that he can't do it because Parkinsons. Although I'm sure it would be a good way to meet a new partner. Guys at the quilt shop always get flocked to it seems.

  3. What does it take to get Butthurt Billy classified as a vexatious litigant in Wis.?

  4. I don't think tighty-whities would fit well over the Depend disposable undergarments. Which are a requirement, for guy with a ten-year habit of shitting himself on the regular.

  5. You two have nothing to fear, because you're on to his particular diagnosis.

    It's the next poor innocent soul who crosses his path that I fear for. How many people has he doxed and harrassed over these many years? How many restraining orders in how many states has he collected?

    I guess I can always just Google "Bill Schmalfeldt" for the answers.

    1. You wanna worry about something, you rutting pig? Worry about sending that disgusting image of a man raping a corpse right after its autopsy to my website. The DA doesn't care that you sent it through an overseas server. He will care about you being right down there in Palatine for the grabbing. How do you know even where to FIND pictures like that, you diseased monster? I knew you would cross the line, and you jumped over it this time. I hope you can get used to jail food inbetween your "orientation" sessions with your cellies, you vile, disgusting swine!

      1. "And we watch as he shrivels."

        That seems to be working out well for you, huh?

      2. You mad bro? The toddler stalking horrendous forger thinks Krender or Grady did it?

        Huh. Save your faux outrage. You did it and we all know it.

        1. If he thinks that Krendler or Grady is foolish enough to send something like that, well...

          Wait. This is Bill Schmalfeldt that we are talking about. Of COURSE he's foolish enough to think that. And since he *knows* that "Grendler" did it, of course that makes it so. Yeah. Good luck with that!

      3. Jesus Bill, how many times have you tried this old trick??? How many times has it had the desired effect you wanted? NOBODY believes anyone sent that picture to you than YOU!!! You have attempted this little trick too many times for it to be effective. The fact that you have to manufacture evidence shows us all who the real dickhead is.

        How about showing the headers, ip address, and all other identifying info on this pic?

        1. If he filed anything at all. Police complaints are public record, Shakes. What's it's number, so we can verify it?

      4. "DA doesn't care you sent it through an overseas server."

        Will the DA care if he finds out that no logs are kept for the server through which the alleged image was sent? Will the DA care if he researches the alleged image and discovers that you have Sheened yourself? Will the DA care if he receives information about all the times you have alleged things were done to you when those things originated from your own machine? Will the DA care if he peruses the history of your batshit insane screeching on the internet and comes to the realization that you are wrong about everything and that everything that has been said about you is your fault? Will the DA care that he is being used to harass a person who has a restraining order against you? Will the DA care when you are proven to be a scheming ball of hate rather than the poor, defenseless, disease-stricken, widower that you invariably present to LEOs?

        Oh well. Play stupid know the rest.

      5. Go look up LOLCOW. I have news for you. You ARE one now. Say, wasn't your pal Neal Rauhauser that got teh Bean Dogs (young lads hanging out on 4chan's /b/ thread) to harass people? Could it be your own Team Pedo is turning on you? Guess bringing that much attention to Brett Coleman "Speedway Bomber and Pedophile" Kimberlin may not have been such a good idea yo.

        The most wonderful examples of lol-cows are when the lol-cow initially tried to set themselves up as a formidable internet entity. A certain dwarf attempted to set himself up as the King of Trolls, but was soon turned into a lol-cow by nearly everybody on the internets. Despite his moos of protest, and his claims to be the greatest of minds, nearly everybody milks him for what they can get. That is usually quite a bit.

      6. Blob, nobody thinks a pic like that has anything to do with you. You let us know ages ago that you can't get it up.

    2. So true, Katie. I fear for the other residents of his building. When he gets his ass handed to him again on the internet, he may turn his attention to those within physical reach. These elder citizen are fragile and frail - harassment of them by Bill could be extremely damaging, emotionally and maybe even physically.

      1. Canticle Court is exposing themselves to massive liability, and as the evidence continues to mount that Shakey is getting closer and closer to snapping, the jeopardy just keeps getting worse . . .

  6. Now he's claiming that someone made a comment on his blog with a horrendous picture.

    He claims it comes from Austria but shows no IP Address nor does it show the user id and email address.

    Since we have undeniable proof that Bill has forged many things, why is it he believes this comes from Krendler or Grady? He has never established with positive proof that either have sent him messages like this. He has never proven that Krendler was responsible for turdsrfood website.

    The only thing that you have to fear from Bill is watching him trip over his dumbass tactics and mistakes. The pattern is consistent that he cannot get a rise out of people, and that people continue to point and laugh.

    Come on Bill, you REALLY think the police are going to buy your frame job?

    1. "Believing something" =/= "Desperately wanting something to be true."

  7. So someone sent Billy a pic of a man raping a corpse and he is upset, why? Was there a cute kitteh in a sweater in the pic?

  8. FEAR? From Bill Schmalfeldt? Ha Ha His track record in the courts is almost as good as his comedy albums. He has won as many legal fights as he has sold books......ZERO. His most recent suit in Milwaukee Federal Court was the most brilliant plan of his life. He went on for months about how screwed Eric, Sarah, Diana, Grady et al. were going to be once his lawsuit was completed. From December until March, he pled his case where all brilliant attorneys do, Twitter. He assured us his suit was foolproof, a can't lose, 100% winner, absolute with regard to the law. Think how much money he has pissed down the drain on his recent legal activities. He has literally burned thousands of dollars in recent years attacking his online enemies.

    The thousands of dollars he spent isn't the only cost to the Cabin Boy. He has invested hours and hour in legal research(AVVO) and writing these legal filings. Most of which serve to damage the case he is trying to make. It's clear that one winning strategy against Bill is to keep him submitting documents to the Court. His incompetence will do the rest.

    But the biggest reason Patrick Grady and Paul Krendler have nothing to fear from a Bill Schmalfeldt LolSuit is...........................John Hoge!!!!! Mr Hoge announced he has filed suit against the members of Team Kimberlin, including Fat Willy. John doesn't file lawsuit after lawsuit to shut up his enemies. He sits back, takes his time to collect data, evidence & testimony. And when the time is right.....BAM!! Bill may not know it yet, but John has just taken up the Blobs next 12 -18 months of his life. This case is has many defendants, many charges and will take a ton of time to defend against. Bill is entering the legal fight of his life so the last thing he will do is take on Krendler in another LolSuit. Imagine what his day to day life would be like with 2-3 lawsuits going on at the same time. What a miserable existence for a disabled man with parkinson's disease and early onset dementia. The stress will most likely kill him.

    1. 1. Bill has actually sold books. Mostly to be used as evidence against him.
      2. You may think John has taken up Bill's next 12-18 months of life, but you're forgetting one thing...Bill is an idiot. Get ready not to be shocked when he files counterclaims and tries to pull Grady into that.

    2. Ah, but here resides the actual answer. While it is obvious that defending himself against John's suit will take every ounce of his effort, he seeks to distract himself from that reality - hence the threat of filing against "Grendler." Because every suit that HE files is certain of winning because it is just. That. AWESOME!!!! Nevermind that he fubar'd himself in the one he filed against myself and the others and we are just waiting for the judge to put the axe in it. Nevermind that he has a horrible record at the LULZSuits that he files against any member of the horde. It just doesn't matter.

      Because he's Bill Schmalfeldt!

    3. "Bill may not know it yet, but John has just taken up the Blobs next 12 -18 months of his life. This case is has many defendants, many charges and will take a ton of time to defend against. Bill is entering the legal fight of his life..."


      'Twas only a few, short months ago the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt told WJJH to "cowboy up" -- along with this horribly, misguided declaration:

      "Hoge cannot harm me now. I’m out of his reach." *

      Two words: Oopsie. Poopsie.

      *Safe linkage to BS spewage:

  9. And so according to Billy, accusations are proof enough to go to the police with. If that is the case then someone can accuse Billy on being on the grassy knoll in Dallas on Nov 23rd, 1963 and go to the police with it!

    And I suspect that Billy was in the Army or Air Force, because his cursing has no real class or style to it ("rutting pig", how lame). Now myself, I was a Sailor and we can string the most foul nouns, verbs and adjective together that would make you shit your tonsils!

    1. I would've gone with "he killed Jimmy Hoffa," but different strokes for different folks...

  10. Question on the nasty pic Bill sent to himself. If that picture is illegal, why is it still on the internet? How many cases have been filed by prosecutors in the past 5 years for non-kiddie porn photos? Does he really think a prosecutor in this country will take the time to file charges on a picture that can't be verified as real and that its sender that can't be definitively determined? Seriously Bill, you need to rethink your strategy. You have tried this over and over in the past and it's NEVER worked.

    1. Indeed. It seems that he has contacted law enforcement saying "PK did this!!" "PG is PK!" "Arrest PG!" while now saying that the police will be able to back trace the picture to the sender. If it hasn't been traced yet, how does he just know that it was sent by PG/PK/any random Horde/Lickspittle? I doubt the police will be roaring down the road to anyone's house if they don't actually have, you know, like, evidence.

      1. Unless the Tor entry node and exit nodes were hijacked and both logging their traffic, they can't trace it.

        All Bill knows is where the exit point was. Unless it came from his computer.

  11. If he is having a hard time getting the fear pee flowing I could send another letter to the "real me" letting him know what Necrophilia Drunkenstein has been saying about him and offering him a trip to Wisconsin for some cheese and brewtality. that usually gets him wet.


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