9 thoughts on “Meet Ashtray Soulmate v2.0”

  1. Actually, I thought she handled it (so to speak) rather a lot better than other poop-handlers with whom we are familiar.

    Telling everyone about it, though... not smart.

    1. If I were ever in a situation that demanded removing my poop from a toilet, Yeah, I'd probably handle it mostly that way. Although I don't know that I'd put it in my PURSE! Trash, yes. Purse, no. And the Tweeting/posting about it, yeah not so much.

      1. That's what I did, only I threw it out the window - after punching a little hole in the screen. I felt bad about that. And I guess I have now posted about it. Maybe it's a more common experience than I had previously thought, or . . . maybe not.

        The scene was a house party at an OTC stock traders conference I attended in Palm Springs (that's a whole nother story), there was a line at the door and I was in a full panic. This was over thirty years ago and now is the first I've ever recounted it publicly, or at all. Please, for God's sake, don't let me be doxed!

  2. Definitely not a soulmate for Schmally. Not only does she obviously not enjoy handling her by-products, but she has a functioning sense of shame. No compatibility at all.

  3. Her purse shit brings DUMBFUCK to the yard
    And he's like, it's better than yours
    Damn right it's better than yours
    I didn't roll it and I tried to flush

    1. This comment has earned the Inaugural INTERNATIONAL Thinking Man's Zombie Seal Of Approval.



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