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      1. Mine just sends me an electronic copy. It matches the one I scanned for edits and approved. 🙂

  1. I am willing to bet that Witless Willie, the former GS13 editor and writer who is also an unemployed broadcaster and journalist and failed political candidate, will soon screech that he did not consent to an immediate consideration of whether sanctions are appropriate and that Walker is twisting his words. Hard to see how a professional writer's words do not mean what they say in the common lexicon, but I am confident we shall have an entertaining time listening to the spin..

    It will be particularly interesting to see how Willie gets this argument in front of the court. People better keep an eye out at JustAnswer for some hysterical questions. Of course, Willie tends not to argue the specific point at issue: I am pretty sure we shall be hearing about Cassidy soon.

    Oh, I admit that tone you hear in my voice is not amusement, but panic: I should hate for Neal N. Bob to have another accident.

    FIFY - PK

  2. And the best part: DUMBFUCK still doesn't realize how badly he's taking it up the arse. I never realized what an awesome anesthetic Johnny Walker Red is!

    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 3h3 hours ago
    "Yer Honor? When is Aaron Worthing going to start defending his "clients" instead of bitching about #brettkimberlin in my lawsuit? Soon?"

    DUMBFUCK, the clients HAVE been defended. You FAILED to file a procedurally valid lawsuit. You LOSE.

    1. Bill you put your lawsuit on hold until your MTDQ is ruled on. Just how dumb are you?

    2. And you failed to send the process servers the correct documents, so neither defendant has been properly served.

  3. We may have an answer.


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