19 thoughts on “Let The “SPIN IT INTO A WIN” Begin”

  1. Aaron Walker: I've only filed 7 motions.
    Bill Schmalfeldt: That's not true, if you count things that aren't motions.

    Really? How can someone be that fucking stupid and have not gotten run over by a bus yet?

    1. Most of which are responses to Bill's filings.

      He's holding the defendant's consent to a magistrate judge that he himself asked for against Aaron? Oh how he would have wailed had that *not* happened.

      And of the motions
      1: New Filing but Standard procedure
      2: Required as Bill botched service
      3: Required as Bill botched amending his complaint
      4: I'll grant this as a new filing, but even then it only exists due to Bill's completely ad hominem MTDQ
      5: Response to Bill's improper supplement
      6: Response to Bill's improper Motion (it's improper because the court hasn't even ruled which complaint is valid)
      7: New filing, but only because Bill has filed 3 improper motions.

      If Bill had not botched service, not botched amending his complaint, and not muddied the waters with an extraneous MTDQ. The only motion from Aaron would be a single MTD.

      1. Pretty much showing Billy's pattern of behavior:
        1) Harass people, which causes...
        2) Consequences
        3) Wail about the consequences
        Return to Step 1
        I suppose this tactic might bamboozle people with 2-digit IQs. But it's pretty easy for common sense to sniff out the pattern.

        1. Stacy McCain put it even more succinctly:

          1. Bill Schmalfeldt seeks attention
          2. Bill Schmalfeldt gets attention
          3. Bill Schmalfeldt cries victim

    2. Never gets off that ginormous ass; even sent the loathsome loser's dying wife to do the fat freak's errands. Now that she's gone, it's just a matter of time.

  2. https://twitter.com/RadioDrumpf/status/713112308113883137
    LOL, For starters, DUMBFUCK, what we see is that you're too stupid to know the meaning of the word "motion." And now the judge knows that, too.

  3. And just more perfect GS-13 editing skills on display:

    " ... case scheduling plan,” she said.” She said that she needs ...

    Did the judge really say "She said that she" when referring to herself, or does DUMBFUCK not know how to use quotation marks?

    1. According to old Stolen Valor Toddlerstalker we are getting this from a trained journalist. I checked and he lied. He wrote it. Not sure where he got the idea that some real journalist wrote it.

  4. And the spin is quite unnecessary. How he or we characterize the conference on the Internet will make no difference to the case itself. And no true zombie is going to accept a witless person's characterization when the conference is summarized by the judge's own minutes.

    The minutes are quite easy to parse. She is not even currently considering the motion to disqualify Walker.

    And it is hysterical that Witless is now whimpering about filings accepting a magistrate judge when he tried to hold Ash in contempt for not accepting or rejecting a magistrate judge.

    It is wrong to say Willie has his head up his ass: it is deep into the small intestine: Walker is still on the case despite filing after filing from Willie.

    1. I guess he would have preferred that I never submit the paperwork to consent to Her Honor? So that he could "get" me for something?

      Whatever. *insert the world's biggest eye roll here*

      1. That guess is perfectly correct. He would have preferred that you had failed to deal with the magistrate judge question. That way he could again ask you to be held in contempt and he would actually have some evidence that Aaron is unworthy to face him in a court of law.

  5. Apparently you can train a parrot to use the ablution facilities, but not a GS-13 Editor.


  6. "I don't believe I have made any ad hominem attacks," said Billy.

    At which point, the Judge realized she was dealing with a pinhead or a sociopath. Or both.


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