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Earlier today, DUMBFUCK posted the following audio. He says there are no restrictions on the use of it, but he is a world-renowned DUMBFUCK of zero esteem, so I have used the archive.is link here, and not the link he posted.

You can listen to it or not. It sounds like Robbie the Robot with a mouthful of glass wrapped in tinfoil, whispering through cinder blocks from the bottom of a well. Good luck figuring out what he’s on about.

Anyway, he proclaims that Sarah Palmer told NINE PROBABLE LIES WHILE UNDER OATH!!1!1!!1ELEVENTY11!1!11!1!!!

And by God, DUMBFUCK is going to do…something…ABOUT IT!


No, he isn’t.

He could have…in January.
All he had to do was show up…in January.

Truth is still a defense to defamation, isn’t it?

I thought so.

He could have appealed the ruling. But that too would have required SHOWING UP, and if there’s one thing Gamma Boy knows how to do, it’s cut and run when things get tough.

Hmm…okay, if there are TWO THINGS the Gutless Gamma knows how to do, they are 1) cut and 2) run when things…

If there are THREE things the DEMENTED DUMBFUCK knows how to to do, they are 1) cut, 2) run for the hills and 3) weep into his petticoats when…

Dammit, if there are FOUR things the TEARSTAINED TURDROLLER knows how to do, they are 1) cut, 2) run for the hills, 3) weep into his sandy petticoats and 4) try to re-litigate his epic failures on Twitter when things get rough.

And I’m stopping there because real life awaits.

But Vinnie says “Hey.”



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Just A Thought”

  1. So, is it EIGHT provable lies or NINE provable lies? And how many of them are immediately proven true by the courthouse audio itself (never mind by Unca Biwwy's fevered ravings?)

  2. Oh and thanks. I needed the palate cleaner after running around in that Ronald McDonald actors head. Dude ain't right.

  3. I have decided that Krendler provides a true public service. Anyone with a predilection for shoving his (or her) head up his (or her) ass on a daily basis could be shown this site and warned that the same might well happen to him (or her). Think of the lives it would rescue from the blight and despair of DUMBFUCKERY.

    In fact, I have asked my congressperson to have the Smithsonian preserve this site so that future generations can also be warned that such extremes of DUMBFUCKERY are humanly possible to achieve. It is not that any one exhibit by itself, no matter how mind blowing, would necessarily save the worst cases. It is the sheer number and variety of exhibits that will for centuries cause even those deemed otherwise incurable to learn that excessive contemplation of one's anus leads to a life of failed marriages, failed LOLsuits, failed careers, failed books, and universal mockery.

    Krendler deserves public thanks for immortalizing America's, perhaps the world's, unsurpassed DUMBFUCK of this generation, but we must not forget the as yet unidentified imp of Lucifer who, with an evil snicker, shaped the raw material that is Witless Willie.

    Thanks Krendler (and imp).


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