It’s Not That Bill Schmalfeldt Is An Ignorant DUMBFUCK…

It’s just that the Defamation-Proof, Shitsniffing, Turdrolling, Demented Five State Toddlerstalking Dreadful Friendless Pro Se Gamma Terrorist Scrotum Sucker knows so much that just isn’t so. 

What you did to my old website?


You mean the one I haven’t finished migrating yet?  Patience, you malignant polyp.  


Nothing’s lost, YOU SYPHILITIC CATCHFART! (I know how much you love that one.)

Just because you’re too fucking stupid to find anything that I haven’t RUBBED YOUR GODDAMN NOSE IN FIRST, you genius internet incestigative Jew molester, you.

(Not a typo)

Speaking of which, how is Be-

…no, she hasn’t done anything to deserve the kind of attention that YOU would shower on someone’s family.  Just to show I’m better than you (as if it weren’t already obvious) I won’t be paying any virtual visits to the dog whisperer on Idaho Street.

Would you believe, you chafed, nutshuffling cockface, that there was a blessedly short period of time when all you needed to do to identify me was [REDACTED -must not educate the penis-faced monkey].  Thankfully that mistake has been corrected.  Too bad you were TOO FUCKING DUMB to notice and take advantage.

You’ve never been close.  You never will be close.  And the beatings will continue until grass grows on the salted earth over your grave.

Oh, wait!

You aren’t going to have a grave, are you?

Too bad, then.

By the way, nice picture on Twitter.  I see someone stopped by and caved in the back of your skull, which probably made you a little bit smarter.  And I assume the rainbow means you have finally embraced you true homosexual nature.  Good for you!  Let your freak fag fly, you flaming flag!  Better latent than never.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “It’s Not That Bill Schmalfeldt Is An Ignorant DUMBFUCK…”

  1. Oh... he'll have a grave.

    That semi-tragic tale about donating his cholesterol laden, shit smelling corpse to science is so much schmalbalzian bullshit.

    He will get a paupers grave.... no one will show at his Memorial... and the line to piss on his grave will stretch for as far as the eye can see.

    I may even piss on the Scooty Puff just because I can.

    1. Yeah, even with all of the oversharing and trying to make even the most selfish of motives somehow appear altruistic, self-titled happy my wife diedtheMerryWidower has no history of doing anything for anyone other than its revolting self, imo. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn the loathsome loser came up with that to get out of paying for SGotCU's cremation.


    LOL!! You so "don't care" that every time you offer your lame ass "settlement" terms to the targets of your Lulzsuits, the very first item is "hand over Krendler's real identity."

    Krendler is living rent free in that dick dented melon of yours, Twatwaffle... and always will be.

  3. Wait wait wait...

    You move your website, on your own terms and volition, and he thinks he managed to get it shut down and you HAD to?

    I'm guessing he was using his elite investigating skills that have helped him so much in the past..

    1. But hey..., the link on his Twitter page?

      I got that shut down.

      1. WTG! Not being a stalker, nor following every word from the loathsome loser, cos I have family, friends, and other things in my life that don't involve the interwebz, I had no idea.

      2. I wonder how many other BillySites could suffer the same consequences.....

  4. Say Bill, anyone close to you declare bankruptcy lately? I know how much you hate people that don't pay their bills, like your late spouse and your [redacted]

  5. Wow is that ever a naked ego defense gambit.

    "Make the ISP divulge the IP addresses" has always been one of the crown jewels of the Schmalfeldt universe and never more so than for TMZ and the undead horde. And now it's gone forever. Not gone gone, just gone beyond his reach.

    He's gotta come up with something to try and protect his core and the best he can come up with is the lame "I planned to do that".

    Proof? Look how fast he picked on the fact that it went offshore. His biggest fear and this was constantly watched for.

  6. Since Billy thinks the last two years of TMZ no longer exists. It would be nice to recycle some of the Classic Posts and watch the monkey rage.


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