Looks like a nice day in St. Francis.  Why don’t you crawl out from under the Amazon Vagina Warrior Princesses’ skirts, climb on your Scooty-Puff of Doom (It’s red, like Johnnie Walker!  Vroom! VROOM!!)

…and scooty your wide ass on over to the Post Office and pick up your mail?

And why not get a haircut while you’re at it?



So are you saying that WJJ Hoge III is trying to serve the wrong guy, DUMBFUCK?  Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying.

You have never served me.  You have never come close to serving me.  You never will come close to serving me.  And I’m not the DUMBFUCK who has not just once…not twice…not even three times, but repeatedly, and loudly, whined like the goddamned sand-filled pussy he is that people won’t jump their ass right down to the Post Office to pick up a piece of mail from someone who, as likely as not, is enjoined from sending that mail because there is some flavor of restraining order in place that makes it a crime to send.

I don’t think you have a restraining order against John Hoge, do you, DUMBFUCK?

So if it’s not rank cowardice for an excuse, what is it? Comments are open, DUMBFUCK…enlighten me.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

33 thoughts on “Hey, You HYPOCRITICAL DUMBFUCK COWARD!!”

  1. No doubt the fat freak is much too busy stalking strangers on the internet, you know, like the loathsome loser was too busy to be with its wife when she took her last breaths.

      1. Oh, I should have read more closely, you already called him fat; but you left off toddler stalker.

  2. Seriously, though...he really should go get his mail.

    It will be a lot less embarrassing than peeing on another deputy's shoes.

    1. But he was actually starting to get to know that deputy that was delivering all those court orders. Of course, the deputy has probably had to seek counseling after having to deal with Bill.

  3. If only there was a way to log a DUMBFUCK's visits to various blogs to demonstrate to the Court that he's aware of the action against him and is actively dodging service under Maryland rules.

    Hey, wait! I believe there IS a way to do that ...

    1. It would really be kooky if someone could tell that he was visiting their website just minutes after refusing to answer their door to accept a package. I mean, THAT would be proof that the most giant weeping mangina evah!!!111!! was hiding in fear and shame.

      1. The Johnnie Walker Red Baron only wants to play when he's the Plaintiff. Otherwise, he's every bit the coward that he accuses everyone else of being.

        Or he's so drunk and stupid that he's confusing the federal court's rules in Wisconsin for the state court's in Maryland, which would be a giant "Oopsie poopsie."

        The third option is that a DUMBFUCK plans to default.

  4. "And why not get a haircut while you’re at it?"

    Because nothing helps with the Crazy Unca Biwwy image quite like a mop of tangled, greasy, dirty white hair that looks like a cross between a tumbleweed and a cotton ball, that rolled through a vat of rancid cooking oil. Plop it on a head with dick dents and facial hair that looks like the back end of a mountain goat, top it off with a Che beret, and you have Bill Schmalfeldt.

  5. Now wait just a minute. Are you all implying that Bill "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt might have some legal related mail that he is refusing to sign for? Why that is unpossible! We all know how Unca Biwwy feels about the lowdown sniveling cowards that don't sign for legal papers. William "Toddler Stalker" Schmalfeldt Sr. would never do that. He would man the fuck up, answer his door and proudly sign for whatever was sent to him.

    But I guess unless Bill wants to chime in and explain WHY he won't sign for something we'll just have to live with the fact that he is a lowdown sniveling coward and giant pussy. I mean, I don't want to, but Schmalfeldt rules says we gotta if he doesn't respond right?

    1. TOLF

      You are missing the point. In the one case, people were being scolded for demanding proper service. It's entirely different if you are evading service.

  6. Imagine how much better Bill's life would be if he grew a thicker skin.

  7. LOL, looks like Butthurt Schmalfeldt wants to make a criminal case of his butthurt.

    1. After they finish laughing their asses off from his latest pile of shit, they'll pat him on his head and give him a lollipop

  8. So, Bill Schmalfeldt fails to respond in a timely manner to the Motion To Dismiss by the plaintiffs in the Federal lawsuit he filed, making it unopposed and likely to be granted. He also fails to serve the lawsuit on the people using pseudonyms within the time required, making it impossible to take further action in this suit against them. So how does Bill Schmalfail celebrate these actions? He tries to report a person who has a restraining order against him to the police. That is going to work out swimmingly!

    He best hope that charges get filed, because otherwise his contact of the police becomes a clear violation of the restraining order.

    1. Once the DA and law-enforcement figure out the context (you know...the stuff Billy always conveniently leaves out), I can't help but wonder whether a sufficiently pissed off DA might not slap Billy with a Filing a False Police Report charge....

  9. https://twitter.com/RadioDrumpf/status/714581352088211456
    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 2m2 minutes ago
    Dumber than advertised. I didn't contact Grady. I contacted cops. They passed it to DA. Who knows who may be next?

    LOL, it's called the Circular File, DUMBFUCK!
    But keep up that arrogant ignorance! More LULZ for us!

    BTW, DUMBFUCK, you really think the cops/DA wont figure out you're just trying to use THEM to harass a victim who has a Restraining Order against you? You tell 'em THAT part, DUMBFUCK?

    1. I'm sure he was careful to tell them he's forbidden to contact the guy he's complaining about, that he's sued the guy, and that he thinks the guy is the one "harassing" him by writing on a website Bill doesn't have to visit.

      1. Oh, I'm sure! But just in case, I wonder what might happen if certain Good Citizens sent along the relevant info to the relevant law enforcement peepz.

  10. Wow, the Mayo'd Fat Bastardson is trying to interpret a law for butthurt in the land of cheese...who couda thunk it???

  11. Once the Wisc. police and DA realize Bill has asked them to investigate him being stalked by his ACKNOWLEDGED alter ego; they will pull the padded wagon up to the nunnery.

    It's not like anyone is going to send a copy of his blog post where he admits that he is Paul Krendler to the Wisc. authorities and blow this thing out of the water.


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