Here’s My Question About ad hominem

When LOLSuit VI – The Undiscovered Krendler is dismissed, and Aaron Walker files a motion for and is awarded fees and costs from the Plaintiff for filing a frivolous lawsuit, Bill Schmalfeldt will have to cease calling Aaron Walker an unemployed attorney, will he not?

Because at the end of this misadventure, if all continues to proceed as SuperParaLegal WJJ Hoge III has forseen,  Aaron Walker will have lawyered, and Bill Schmalfeldt will have paid him for it.

Services rendered in exchange for payment.

That’s employment, unless I am quite mistaken.  And I’m not.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Here’s My Question About ad hominem

  1. Being hypertechnical, Aaron will not have been employed by Witless Willie because Aaron is already employed by Ash and BPO in a capacity adverse to Willie, who will just FUND the adverse employment.

    But it comes to the same thing: Aaron will have been employed for lawyering, Willie will pay, and I shall laugh my ass off.

  2. Unfortunately, before Aaron receives any money there will be a Sheriff's auction of puffy-puffy, computer, a clock, and other non-exempt property.

    Has Billy researched the Wisconsin exempt property statutes yet to see what the Sheriff won't take?

    1. Always wanted to know more about Collections Law in Wisconsin... Heh.

        1. First you have to remove the MOSS module to make room. What's a MOSS? Morbidly Obese Stupid Sociopath, of course

  3. Maybe I am being super-hypertechnical but Merriam-Webster says that the first definition of employ is:

    1a : to make use of (someone or something inactive)

    AFAIAC, Aaron was employed by his clients the second he agreed to represent them.

    So when Bill Schmalfeldt says that Aaron is unemployable and hasn't worked in the legal field since 2012, well, he's lying.

  4. In this tweet, Bill Schmalfeldt calls himself an "ignorant dickfaced coward":
    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 9h9 hours ago
    Funny how some ignorant dickfaced coward thought the case was going to be decided in a telephone conference, innit?

  5. Ooh! More scary threats from the wetpants DUMBFUCK


    Why on Earth would you think that, Dumbfuck? Is it because you're a ginormous asshole and an irredeemable hypocrite?


    I guess I really shouldn't be stunned that a man with 9 restraining orders against him, one to protect a 3 year old, would be so fucking stupid that he would think fucking with someones employment is a rational course of action. You really don't need to dig any deeper to see why he has all those restraining orders.

    World's Stupidest Man™


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