9 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Keep up that arrogant stupidity, Schmalfeldt! It'll make our LOLs that much more hearty as Defendants blow up your DUMBFUCK case and kick your DUMBFUCK ass.

  2. "Motning?"

    Pulls out the OED...

    "Motning: that sinking feeling experienced by a pro se plaintiff when the opposing council is revealed."

    Nice word-of-the-day! Thanks, PK!!!

  3. To be fair, it is probable that Wailing Willie has kept some evidence. He may even have found some evidence. The remaining questions are what is relevant and how, if relevant, does it support his case. It's a guess I know, but I'd suggest approximately 5% and 1% respectively, making only 5 parts per ten thousand relevant and corroborative.

    For example, I am confident that he has evidence that Ash has at least sometimes spelled his name correctly. No getting out of that one Ash: he has you nailed. (No, no, NOT that way.)

    1. It would have been greatly helpful if a DUMBFUCK put some of that evidence in his complaint and exhibits. Instead, he's going to spend the next few weeks (and I don't think he quits before then) arguing things that aren't in evidence.

      It's also enormously entertaining that the Lion of Lebanon was too lazy and ignorant to bother checking Wisconsin law or the local rules of his district before filing, which makes a about a third of his FAC a dead letter. And his lack of impulse control caused him to burn his free amendment turning a ridiculous lulzsuit into a hysterical one.

      But we should be scared, everybody!

      1. Helpful to whom? I suspect that the defendants will find its absence greatly helpful indeed.

  4. How? I think it goes a li'l somethin' like this:

    "Now comes Plaintiff William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., pro se..."


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