Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

So, Bill – when Brett Kimberlin’s nuts bounce off your multiple chins, does he make you wear the schoolgirl outfit AND the wig?

Or is the wig optional?

Let this be the official welcome to the INTERNATIONAL, WORLDWIDE Zombie Horde!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Welcome back! You're looking a bit pale, though.
    Also, inquiring minds want to know: does the rainbow halo mean he's officially "out"?

    1. With that bad photoshop job he did on the back of his dick-dented head... I'm wondering if he is the "out" Quasimodo

  2. God, I hate the smell of wet paint and new carpeting.

    Nice place, though.

    1. "God, I hate the smell of wet paint and new carpeting"
      .....but enough about Hillary's appearance at the debate.

  3. LOL, Billy thought he'd won a victory.
    "Websiteless"? Who, us? Ha, ha!

    "Dix: You still don't get it, do you? We are NEVER outGUNNED!" (Off Limits, 1988)

  4. It seems like Bill is given a choice by Brett, 1) toss his salad or 2) submit legal motions written by Brett as his own. Either way Bill is FUCKED by Kimberlin.

  5. So this is what life in Sanders' Utopia will be like, huh? Black and white text, no images or other graphics. Just the stark truth. Take it or leave it.

  6. I really want to see Bill go to war with the folks that run ED. It would be more epic then the regular ass kickings he gets from Hoge, Walker, et al.

  7. Welcome back!

    It goes without saying that the Internet is a far, far better place with a Thinking Man's Zombie contributing FUN! Looks like the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's rumor of Krendler's demise was greatly exaggerated (read: wrong... again!).

    I would be remiss, however, to not give credit where credit is clearly due. It was pretty generous of Blob to provide the LULZ this week while Krendler was busy relocating and redecorating The Horde's digs.

    This week was an epically hilarious one! And, word on the street is this coming week promises to offer much, much more hilarity.

  8. Hey, where's the thumbs up and like linkie things? I know we mostly disagree, but once in a while it does happen ya know.

  9. It just wasn't the same Internet without the premier Bill Schmalfeldt mocking site mocking Bill Schmalfeldt. Bill Schmalfeldt needs to be mocked, because Bill Schmalfeldt needs to be hounded off the Internet. If only for Bill Schmalfeldt's own good.

    1. Plus, the existence of sites like TMZ, BillySez, etc. performs two vital public services:
      (1) By keeping Schmalfeldt occupied, we ensure he doesn't start harassing new victims,
      (2) When Billy DOES harass new victims, they have a safe-haven to educate themselves on how to defend themselves against Billy's criminal harassment onslaughts.
      AND (lest I forget)
      (3) FUN!


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