Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

I’m “amusing and of no consequence!”

Really? Tell me more.

Is $1000 “consequential?”

Especially for a retired failure on a meager pension…

And when he kicked it up to an even MORE inconsequential $2000, well I was positively mortified!

And the manner in which every settlement offer and every hearing must include “who is Paul Krendler?” Is ENTIRELY INCONSEQUENTIAL.

Fuck you, loser.  There is nothing you can say to reverse this world-class fuckup on your part.

Laughing. Pointing. Mocking.  Anticipating the arrival of more STUPID on PACER.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Hey, "above it all Bill" makes his return!

    Who had March 14th in that pool? Congrats, I think the take on that one was over $1800!

    Can it be long before we see a motion to dismiss with prejudice?

    1. Roy, a motion to dismiss with prejudice now would be the death of any future LULZsuits from Bill, and he knows it. So he CAN'T do that - it would be an admission of failure.

      1. No, no, no. So long as he states that he just wants to drop it - only for the moment, mind you - so that he can move/regroup/regain his health, everything should be juuuuust fine. That modifies the "with prejudice" part. Right? Right?

      2. But he dismissed with prejudice before, only to recycle his butthurt under the theory "IT'S A NEW TORT!!1" and/or "NEW DAMAGES!!1" So I don't think Billy's worried about whether or not he legally "could" file suit again.

        That said, I also doubt he'll dismiss. This time, the disability check lazybones has invested $1000 into his lawfare. He can't LET himself believe his frivolous lolsuit won't win.

        1. Don't forget the "legal fees" for asking the same question over and over until it gets an answer it can twist and pretend to misunderstand. hahahahaha

  2. "I wonder how it feels to create an elaborate photoshop an (sic) offensive image, send to my site, I trash it and all that hard work is never seen."

    Not to worry, Dear Cousin:

    We archive everything, both yours and ours, for potential reuse at a later date.

    We're fine, really.

  3. And who was it he said was the only one he really wanted to "sock it to" as the kids in the 60s used to say?

  4. Actually his comments have some merit. We should have a contest to develop some new insults. I am sure he would enjoy that.


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