Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!​

Wait…uh, WHAT?

You have a disability?  

Why have I not heard about this before?

Please do tell!  Tell all about this disability you have, and tell of all the challenges you have overcome. 

Tell us about your trick knee that you injured getting kicked up a ladder by you shipmates in the Navy, you malingering goldbrick.

Tell of what great achievements you have accomplished in spite of being totally wheelchair bound (it’s a matter of public record before a federal judge – as being completely irrelevant to your most excellent but loosely connected friend’s legal case.

And by the way, are you “loosely connected” in the way that Carl DeLong’s leg was after the bomb that your most excellent friend left it that high school Parking lot exploded, or is that “loose connection” more like your deteriorating grasp on reality?

Remember back to the good old days when you were so “100% disabled” that you couldn’t leave the tincasa, and instead left all the outside errands, right down to the mailing of all your previous ridiculous lawsuits to your terminally ill soulmate?  Remember how her illness didn’t mean dick to you until she finally reached the point of no return and you proceeded to weaponize her like the World’s Biggest Gamma you are?

Oh please, DUMBFUCK!  Do let’s talk all about disabilities.

You talk about Aaron Walker and how his disability kept him from being the greatest sailor ever and forced him to settle for being an IVY LEAGUE LAWYER.

We’ll talk about how your disability kept you from getting your fat ass off the internet and forced you to become one of the preeminent cyberstalkers in the United States.



Sounds like FUN to me.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. "Listen as I share my vast life experience in satire and comedy, and buffonery."

    Hey, one out of three is far better than Cousin Bill usually does...except I think it is spelled "buffoonery".

    (GS-13 editing skills, etc., insert standard mockery here.)

    1. A lifetime of buffonery?

      He was a middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears?

      1. That may not be the NFL football team but one of those "teams" from one of those websites that fit his "progressive" lifestyles.. like he was the cub scout..

        1. In re: Doug Buffone, who replaced Dick Butkus at middle LB in the 70s.

          On second thought Dick Butt Kiss does sound more his speed, doesn't it?

    2. In Bill's case he only has half-vast experience, and only as the target of satire, buffoonery, and comedy...

  2. OHNOES! Your linky has been rebranded into obsolescence!

    New and Dimproved Linky:

    1. In These End Times
      And I can't wait to see Walker's response to the shaming I gave him. He wants to talk disabilities? We'll talk disabilities.

      The response? It's called a Rule 11 motion for sanctions, DUMBFUCK.

      Keep it up, Schmalfeldt! The longer this drags on, the more you'll be paying when the judge awards defendants their legal expenses. Tick-tock, tick-tock...

  3. Failure truly is is his only option.

    Amusingly, the website listed on his Twitter, ''? Dead link.

    Also, Bill? Rainbow halo? Have you finally come out of the closet? It's okay, you know. It's the 21st century.

  4. I see he fisked you miserably. Or hilariously. It's absolutely stunning how much of a magmanamus idiot he has become. Every time he writes a direct post, he can't help but overcome his previous level of stupidity.

    Guiness might be interested in this record.

    1. You'd think that anyone with even a double digit IQ could at least get a bit better with the formatting, even if they're too delusional to have a nodding acquaintance with reality. Draw you own conclusion as to how many digits in the loathsome loser's (provbably negative) IQ.


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