Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

In case you haven’t noticed, DUMBFUCK – no one is actually standing up for YOU. They want your wife’s name left out of it.

It would have been easy to accomplish that if it weren’t for your penchant for making wives, children, boyfriends and employers fair game.

I mean, face it…if the commenters ‘nancy’ and ‘Rebecca tibbits’ were commenting on your blog, asking you to leave, oh let’s say Aaron Walker’s wife alone, we would already know both of these commenters’ addresses, phone numbers, real names, where they work,who they’re married to, who they’re divorced from, who they owe money to, the names and ages of their children, where those children go to to school, where every photograph of them online is posted, several of them would be photoshopped having sex with donkeys, and lawsuits would already be filed.

But that hasn’t happened, has it?

You’re the one who does that.  You’re the one on the wrong side of the line.

How long do you think these”friends and family” of yours would continue to hide you under their skirts once a certain photograph showed up in their inboxes, attached to the original emails?

That might be FUN, don’t you think?

UPDATE – with thanks and a hat tip to commenter Loren below…I have been remiss in failing to mention that, if ‘nancy’ and ‘Rebecca tibbits’ were commenting on one of DUMBFUCK’S blogs as they have commented here, not only would all of their personal identifying information have been found, sorted, sifted, folded, spindled, mutilated and published in an attempt to intimidate these women into shutting up…

…so would the PII of approximately fifteen other people with similar names who just happened to show up a couple of entries higher in the Google search results. Because when Bill Schmalfeldt sets out to intimidate people into shutting up about his long history of Internet DUMBFUCKERY, he gets it wrong about 19 times out of 20.

Just ask Vinnie. Or Tom. Or Alison. Or Chris. Or Kyle. Or Eric. Or Lynn. Or Sara, Sarah or Sarrah. Or Rob. Or Roy. Or the other Roy. Or the third Roy. Or Howard or Aaron or Jerry.

OR ALL OF THEIR SPOUSES. Who are fair game, you see. Because Bill Schmalfeldt has rules. For thee. Not for he.

What ‘nancy’ and ‘Rebecca tibbits’ will eventually understand is that, as Bill Schmalfeldt’s Accurate Reflection, I am only playing his game, by HIS RULES, and thoroughly kicking his ass at it.

Isn’t that right, DUMBFUCK? I got this photo from you, remember? And I have others.

I won’t quit until after he does.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

34 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. They were lied to. So let's be a little tolerant.

      Oh, and in keeping with the theme of keeping the Blob away from my employer: dashing his hopes again, with my phone, from the train.

      I have a terrible commute.

      1. Perhaps they were lied to, or perhaps they favor anal rape, child sex, threatening people with the loss of their jobs and children, and hounding people with frivolous lawsuits.

        Let's assume for purposes of argument that that it is absolutely certain that they were lied to. Most adults are aware that they may be lied to and do not blunder off to intervene in something without first doing some verification.

        Witless Willie has called at least one wife a whore with a pimp for a husband, another wife a mail-order bride with a racial "tinge," another wife a drunk, and another wife a fat slob with a meth head lover. Those wives had families too. And yet Willie's wife's caring and oh so delicate family never intervened on the behalf of those wives. Willie made his wife fair game for parody, and his in-laws should blame him for making her a legitimate target.

        I disagree with sending that photo privately to the family. The whole set of exhibits filed in agile's case should be posted publicly here so that Willie can have his beloved context.

        1. If Rebecca and Nancy would google "Bill Schmalfeldt," they'd quickly realize they're skating on very thin ice. I know I wouldn't want my name google-associated with Billy's bloodlust for "anal rape, child sex, threatening people with the loss of their jobs and children, and hounding people with frivolous lawsuits." Not to mention threatening assault and battery with baseball bats or clawing people's eyes out. Or Billy's free use of words like "cunt," "twat," "whore," "slut," "pussy," etc etc etc.

          Rebecca and Nancy need to ask themselves: How on earth does a guy rack up 9 restraining orders in a half-dozen states?! You really think this scumbag is innocent?!

  1. Rebecca and Nancy,

    In as much as Gail is mentioned here at all it is in 1 of 2 ways.

    1) To insult Bill for stripping every last shred of that poor woman's dignity in the most vile and abhorrent ways. We do not insult *her* for pissing herself. We insult him for revealing it. That is something no one should know about her in her last days. But Bill went and told everyone he could. In that we agree she deserves better treatment. And from her own husband.

    2) To the extent she is insulted, know every one is basically a copy and paste of insults Bill has directed at the wives of his perceived enemies. This is in fact the point of it: To throw Bill's abhorrent behavior back in his own face.

    He has called one enemy's wife a prostitute. He'll claim he apologized but his apologies take the form "I'm sorry I called your whore of a wife a prostitute, at her prices she likely earns the title of Escort". In other words, no apology at all. And so, since this is considered above board behavior to him, Gail is similarly a fair target.

    If Bill doesn't like it, maybe Bill should leave our spouses, exes, parents, employers, children, and GRANDCHILDREN out of it (you do know that one of his no stalking orders covers a 3 year old, right?).

    1. And before Bill claims that that RO was based on a lie: posting a blurred picture of a 3 year old is still posting a picture of a 3 year old. The "Nice kid you got there, be a shame if something were to happen..." implication is the same: I can get to you through him. Oh, and before Bill claims that the grandmother being scared is a lie: courage is not the absence of fear. An absence of fear is foolishness. Courage is being afraid and moving forward anyway.

  2. I wonder if Gail Schmalfeldt's relatives (nancy and rebecca) were shown that gross photo Bill took of Gail just two weeks before her death and then blasted all over the internet? (If they're looking for it, they can find it attached to a counterclaim against Bill in a lawsuit he filed. It was also used as evidence in a Harassment Prevention Order against Bill - the MA courts could provide them a copy.) Do you think he was respecting her and her dignity then? Do you think they wonder, when thinking about how Gail was treated, about how Bill attempted to contact and embarrass my wife at her business? There is no evidence that anyone ever tried to contact Gail Schmalfeldt, yet Bill had contacted spouses many times. Did Bill tell them how he threatened to ruin, destroy, or take my wife's hard-earned business from her? Someone should let me know how Gail Schmalfeldt was threatened.

      Billy mentions this photo, then accuses Krendler of "publishing" it. If I were Rebecca and Nancy, I'd be asking: "How the FUCK did they get hold of that photo in the first place?!" Unless Billy was the one who "published" it first.

  3. We might know all that, but it probably would be for the wrong people, given the demonstrated doxxing skills.....

  4. No one has actually mentioned that on numerous times that Bill has weaponized his dying wife, sending out emails to use her image of her last days as a club to intimidate people to be quiet. Who does that? A man without any morals, one who cares little for anyone, family included. A man who doesn't mind using another's dignity as a tool for his own sins.

    Whatever shred of dignity your aunt, sister, relative had was nothing more than a forged sword for your uncle's own demented and devious purposes. He believed, incorrectly, and soon to his detriment, that using her in this way would somehow get people to stop noticing his bad ways.

    Whoever you are that wants anyone to stop using your aunt as a punching bag, you need to understand that no one here started it. If you were caring family member, you'd ask him these questions: "Why do you care about Brett Kimberlin so much? How do you become friends with a man who has caused the death of a stranger, responsible for the death of a young girl's grandmother, has defied court ordered restitution, and then say he's a friend? What did he do for you?"

    And if you ask him these questions, he's going to lie to you. Why? Because Brett is the most important man in his life. He is the reason your Uncle has gone after - yes stalked and harassed - family members of those who merely write about Brett on the internet. Some of them have even been sued by Brett for writing the truth about him!

    When Uncle Bill is called out for his actions in support of his most excellent friend, he goes further - he calls people's relatives, their employers, tells them he is a disabled widowers being harassed and defamed and they shouldn't be associating with such people. In some cases, he's gotten people fired from their job, caused marital problems and some, legal expenses for vexatious reasons. Hell, he's even called social services to investigate wild claims he made up about one couple's children. He seems intent on inflicting as much damage as possible to protect his friend.

    That begs the question: If talking about someone on the internet is harmful, and you should stay away from them, how is it that Bill can associate with a convicted felon who is also a PEDOPHILE and its OK? I would bet that Bill will offer you plenty of excuses that a normal person would question. At some point, you too, will become a victim of his harassment.

    And if you come over here and get involved, you should realize that you've been manipulated into it. "Uncle Bill" is a very bad man and, fortunately, the adults here will keep him in his place, constantly reminding him and sharing with the world, his evil nature and that of his bad friends. A very few of his friends are, no doubt, good people, but I'm sure he has shielded them from his activities - until he gets himself in a huge bind and needs character witnesses.

    Unfortunately, they too, will may be dragged into this muck, like he's doing to you, for a war Uncle Bill started with to protect his friend the convict .. and will soon regret.

    1. "A very few of his friends are, no doubt, good people"

      Whom he has published way too much information about in an attempt to get us to contact them. Because that's what he would do with that information and he believes we are as evil as he is.

      Notice that none of us here contacted either of you. You would not have known about us but for Bill throwing his wife's dignity under the bus to get you to come here and fight his battles for him.

      1. I believe these women love their aunt, sincerely want her memory to not be tarnished, and are hurt by any negative reference. The fat freak didn't care a bit about the pain self described happy my wife died theMerryWidower inflicted on them by directing them to negative references, and especially the pain inflicted on them by them finding out how terribly their beloved aunt was treated by the loathsome loser.

        Many here were and are outraged by the callous treatment of a dying woman, and the detailed descriptions of her suffering, taking away every bit of dignity she earned over the course of her life. It must be incredibly painful for those who loved her to learn of the terrible treatment in her last days and weeks.

        Now the family who love her have to live with the knowledge that the malignant monster they trusted with her care used her suffering to draw attention to its depraved self, was focused on "re-branding" within an hour of her death, and very soon renamed its repulsive online presence "theMerryWidower" showing how little it truly cared about her. Even that is eclipsed by the fact that the self-absorbed stumblebum couldn't even drag itself away from the computer to be with the poor woman during her last moments. She died alone because the fat freak was too busy using her suffering for its own ends to pay any attention to her - just like it had ignored her pretty much throughout, and ignored the pleas from several to get her to a doctor when she first started showing symptoms, like dramatic weight loss.

        What a cruel, cruel thing to do to those it is trying to manipulate into taking up its cause.

        1. PK, Just A Thought, MJ, AND Jane, all of you hold up a shiny mirror of reality to a the malignant monster, Bill Schmalfeldt.

          Maybe, in the future, ‘nancy’ and ‘Rebecca tibbits’ will investigate and research the facts before jumping into the middle of a violent battle with no protective armor and blindfolded.

        2. Too True! To this day, Gail Schmalfeldt is memorialized in every Divine Liturgy I offer as well as being mentioned in daily prayers. Even Bill is mentioned during daily prayers, although in a much different context.

  5. bwahahahaha The Price of Parody (may FUN and DONATIONS be always upon him), does it every single day!

    In fairness, though, the fat freak finally got something right - our beloved HZIC is much superior to the loathsome loser in every desirable way.

    1. Oh! I see he's mentioning that horrible website that I am of the belief that he created himself. And attributing it to PK. Yeah, since he got the website taken down (thank GOD) he's going to have a hard time proving who it was, let alone convincing anyone here that it wasn't him that did it as a false flag.

      Maybe, just maybe, he's coming to the realization that he shouldn't have sent that picture anywhere. He doesn't even remember how many people he sent it to. Hell, there is no way for him to determine how many people it was actually sent to because he sent it to a SHARED EMAIL.

      And why should PK tell him who he is, where he lives (assuming that PK even IS a guy!), all for Bill to subject him to yet another one of his LOL suits. I mean, don't get me wrong, we like a good laugh and all that, but deliberately subjecting yourself to that sort of thing? Yeah, no.


        The threats continue. Krendler's going to love this one!

    2. Does he actually believe this twaddle passes for rational thought?
      Does he actually believe anyone would confuse the threat of a lawsuit with a sincere offer?
      Shirley, you jest! [apologies to any Shirleys reading this]

    3. Malware? HAHAHAHAHAHA! We aren't looking to punish those who read here. We want the exposure of the malignant monster to be spread far and wide. Unlike the fail whale we have readers we don't hate. Trashing the reader's competed is not likely to be a convincing argument that we are correct in our assessment of the Hippocrite's character.

      1. I wonder if the "warning" about "malware" was to discourage Rebecca Tibbits and Nancy Klosinski from surfing this page, and getting the Real Truth about the sociopathic violent threatening crybully named Bill Schmalfeldt.

        Rebecca and Nancy really need to follow advice and Google Bill Schmalfeldt

    4. Love the "he demands my attention". Actually, no. He demands you stop being an abusive POS.

      If you stopped seeking it out, you'd never know it exists, Bill.

      1. "If you stopped seeking it out, you’d never know it exists, Bill."
        Billy's life will continue to suck until he learns this truth.


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