Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

And weren’t you up into the wee hours howling at the unfairness of it all?!?
image Oh, I’m sorry…I think I must have forgotten to mention the poisoned, barbed corkscrew.image Yeah, you really want to get an idiot like that disqualified and replaced with a competent cutthroat attorney who will yank your heart out of your chest and use it parboil his bratwurst.  Good call, DUMBFUCK.  Especially since you, me and the whole world know you don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting it done anyway, and the Worst Lawyer in the World is giving you the legal beatdown of your about-to-end pro se career.
image Yup, poor little Sarah Palmer, YET ANOTHER weak little icky, female type GIRL who has kicked your pathetic ass around a courtroom.
image What a damn shame you weren’t there to contradict her at the appropriate time set by the court to do so.  You really woulda showed her, right?image Dude – what happened?  You had a nice shouty flow working there with your ALL CAPS style, and that lower case ‘t’ slipped in and ruined the whole thing!

I deduct 10 style points.image Now that’s better!  You have to make sure the CAPS LOCK stays LOCKED if you want that hateflow to really stand out.image And speaking of “LIAR! PERJURER!” you don’t even remember what it is you’re lying about right here, do you?  Of course you don’t.

Because you’re a DUMBFUCK.
image But you do threaten people, DUMBFUCK. And there are photos of YOU on the Internet – posted by YOU – pointing what looks like a loaded weapon through the paper thin walls of your former showplace tincasa at GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT on the other side of that wall. Your finger was ON THE TRIGGER.

Aren’t you the guy who took a photo of WJJ Hoge IV cleaning a disassembled pistol and stoked it up into a DEATH THREAT!1!1ELEVENTY!11!!?

And you seem just about as clinically insane as it is possible to get.

What is an ordinary, reasonable, sane person supposed to conclude?

Oh, wait…how would you know?

image Just because they never picked up the phone?  Weak.image Yes.  You did.  Are you trying to claim that placing before the public the medical details of a third party is somehow a fair, ethical and reasonable act, especially when it is in violation of a valid, documented cease and desist order?

And if so, why does it so upset you that Aaron Walker placed in evidence before the court YOUR OWN CONFESSION that you are indeed demented?

Rules for thee but not for me?

Sorry, but Bill Schmalfeldt’s Accurate Reflection don’t play that game.
image Yes, that’s exactly what you did, oh great unemployable GS-13 writer editor.  Can you say “probable provable admission against interest?”

I knew that you could.
image Ask your attorney Johnnie Walker, Esq. to explain the First Amendment to you, in really small words.  Then, Shut off the Internet and go home, DUMBFUCK.  You’re drunk.image That may be true, but grouped among stupid women you HAVE met, poor stupid Sarah Palmer would rank no higher than fourth.

You have been married three times, if I’m not mistaken?


“We’ll see how the lawsuit goes.”

DUMBFUCK to English translation: “Oh my God, when did that giant brick wall jump out in front the Scooty Puff of DOOM (It’s red. Vroom! VROOM!!)?

That’s right, DUMBFUCK! Your pathetic lawsuit is doomed.  As predicted on the day you filed it, fatal flaws exposed, its very lifeblood rushing away in torrents from the cuts opened by The Worst Lawyer in the World.

Theres nothing you can do to save it. You know it. I know it. SuperParaLegal John Hoge knows it. Sarah Palmer knows it. Eric Johnson knows it. Brett Kimberlin knows it.

This was an outstanding little rage-and-alcohol fueled Feldtdown.  Thank you so much!

You are an idiot, and your own actions expose you.

We are merely bystanders, here to point and laugh at the spectacle that you, in your infinite ignorance and hubris, continue to provide and refuse to acknowledge.

And the FUN continues…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. But William doesn't make threats. that's not how he rolls.

    Oh, wait ....


    WARNING: This is an archive of the piece that got the fat freak banned from Daily Kos due to the rape described or confessed in horrific detail:


    Self-titled happy my wife died theMerryWidower can't even handle not crapping itself.

  4. His evidence that she was NOT scared is that she did not comply with his coercive contact: A direct quote, and one day a Billy Sez poster:

    “If you are living in fear from an internet blogger, that you’re afraid of, and fear for your safety, and fear for your grandson’s safety…let’s say that’s valid…Why in the hell would somebody who feared me, continue to poke me with a stick every goddamned day?”

    1. I really don't know what the standard of getting a psych hold in civil court is.

      But I think we're going to find out soon.

    2. What he's saying is that he should be permitted the heckler's veto. That the threat of violence should be enough to cause you to stop talking about someone or something.

      Bill, you don't want that world.

    3. Another thing -- his constant lying that he didn't post someone's picture because he altered it. Sorry, Shakes, but people can recognize their relatives with these minor alterations you do. Or they recognize the setting, or pose.

      And why do you post these photos, Shakes? It's to threaten people. It's saying "I know who you are and who you love, and if you don't stop what you're doing..." If that's not your message, what *IS* your message?

      Man the fuck up and stop whining about having to face the consequences of your own actions. You harassed Sarah, you intended to scare her into stopping exposing your actions. A court order telling you to stop harassing her is a minor consequence; you should be pleased we live in a civilization where that's the first course of action.

  5. Shaky, you are so FUCKED...all by your own hand!

    What will Dumbfuck do today to keep us entertained?

  6. Let's see if an old joke seems to fit the situation.

    Caddie with NY tags is tearing through the GA countryside.

    Passes a police officer who hits the lights and siren, and the Caddie doesn't start to slow down until the police car catches up and is riding the Caddy's bumper.

    Finally the caddie pulls over. Officer gets out, walks up to the heavily-tinted windows. Waits. Pulls out his nightstick and raps the window.

    FInally, it powers down about half-way. "Whatsyerproblemossifer?"

    "Sir, please step out of the vehicle and leave your car door open."

    Door opens and the New Yorker steps out "What's this about?"

    The officer says, "Sir, when you are pulled over in the state of Georgia, you " *smashes the driver in the knee with the nightstick* " pull over immediately " *swings and hits the other knee* " have your window down, and license, registration, and proof of insurance when the window is approached, " *jabs driver in the belly with the stick almost making him fall* " and behave in a respectful manner. Now, get that license and registration before I lose my temper. " *raps driver on the head*.

    The driver dives into the car and starts rummaging.

    Officer walks around to the other side of the car. Taps on the window. It rolls down a inch. "Yes?" "Sir, if you would please exit the vehicle while he is locating his documents, I would appreciate it."

    Passenger gets out, slowly. Starts to stutter.

    Cop swings and hits both knees, jabs him in the stomach, and then raps him on the head.

    "There, that should take care of that."
    "Why, your wish, of course."

    "Sir, you and I know that less than a mile down the road after I write this ticket, you were going to say 'I wish that cowardly son-of-a-bitch had hit ME with that stick!'"

    1. Here you go, you where close starts at the 7 minute mark, but listen to all of it.

  7. The later into the evening, the crazier his tweets became. Once he hit he CAPS LOCK.......Boom goes the dynamite because there was one less bottle of Johnny Walker Red in the world and Billy was full of IT.

    Thanks for the booze soiled SchmeltDown!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    1. I like to think that he has the JWR in an IV drip. It keeps his hands free to type REALLY LOUD SO YOU KNOW HE'S SERIOUS!

      1. He IS serious, and that is what makes it so funny. For example, he thinks that his screeds to the court are serious pleadings.

        1. It's hard for me to tell how much is his alcohol-fueled bravado, trying to bluff with a busted-to-hell flush, and how much of it he really believes.

        2. I'm guessing of course, but what seems most likely to me is that he first drives from his consciousness anything that contradicts his hopes, whereupon he can view his hopes as facts.

          It is human for him to have had some tenuous hope that Ash and BPO might default. But he expressed conviction, not hope. Where did that conviction, so soon proved wrong, come from?

          He knew that hiring an attorney is expensive. He knew that Ash was being careful about the costs of her divorce. He knew that finding pro bono help is very difficult. And he quite probably believed his own inane legal theories are valid and would be seen to be inarguable by Ash and BPO. If all those were true, there might possibly be a judgment by default.

          But he refused to consider that others believe him to be an inept buffoon and have good reason to humiliate him legally. He forgot that an attorney building a practice may have time on his hands. And he has never realized that his legal knowledge effectively comes out of a Cracker Jack's box.

          All the preceding is speculation of course. What is known is that his announcements of certainty turned out to be completely wrong and that he is screaming like a stuck pig in terror of having to face Aaron. He can dress it up all he wants, but his persistence in trying to disqualify Aaron demonstrates his shock and fear.

  8. He sure types real quickly for having that Parkinson's thingy he always mentions. Or wait, he was probably using the voice software I like has said before... which randomly didn't capitalize a letter here and there. LAIR! PERJURER! FAT! STALKER! DICK-DENTED! DUMBFUCK!

  9. I hope someone is forwarding all this obsessive violent Schmalfeldt crap to the appropriate authorities. Really needs to be a formal paper trail here.


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