Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Seriously. After what you and your excellent but loosely connected (between the ears) friends did to him, tell me what right or expectation you have to know who employs Aaron Walker?

And keep in mind, whatever right you invoke to justify your obvious desire to contact Aaron Walker’s current employers to share whatever you believe to be his past misdeeds, I have the same right to contact Cardinal Management for the exact same purpose in your regard.

If you tell me why you deserve the answer you seek (I know you won’t, you gutless worm turd), I will be sure to share your reasoning with the lovely and talented Cindy when you force me to call her.

Don’t like it?  Sue me.

Oh. Wait… 


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

36 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Well, to paraphrase Jim Kirk in what may possibly to the all time list of examples of overacting by Bill Shatner:

      "Still! Old! Friend! You've managed to sue just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman you KEEP! MISSING! THE TARGET!"

      Ah, memories...when he said he was going to pass the Kobayashi Maru?

      That was awesome.

      1. I suspect he has "passed" the Kobayashi Maru, just not the way he expected.

    1. It's gonna be a beaut. And the financial butthurt will last for YEARS.

  1. DUMBFUCK's taunting reminds me of his bullshit about anonymous posting: "If you believe what you say, why not put your name on it, huh?!"

    Same answer: Anonymous speech is protected by the First Amendment precisely because there are drunk psychopaths like Schmalfeldt out there, who try to threaten and bully people for having an opinion.

    Likewise with the "If Aaron has a job, why not tell me what it is?!"

    Because, Schmalfeldt, you are a drunken psychopath whose behavior shows you cannot be TRUSTED with information. So go fuck yourself.

  2. Of course Aaron has a job.

    Right now it's to crush the Cabin Boy under his heel like the bug he is.

    1. And as far as I'm concerned, he's doing a great job. Why on earth would I want to trade him in? Since I'm the client, I get to choose, not Bill. Too bad for him, eh?

  3. I expect Mr. Walker will execute his duties as a lawyer with skill, ethics, and enthusiasm in the instant case.

    Too bad for Cousin Bill. When you get sick of this case, Bill, call me, and I'll help you wind it down, for certain concessions.

  4. After a fashion, I'm a sole practitioner. I'm not in a field even tangentially related to law, but I'm a white collar professional. A few years back, following a disastrous business partnership (which I've mentioned before) I was underemployed for a couple years while I worked out where I was headed, and once I knew exactly what I was going to do next, it took 8 months to get all the ducks in a row in order to get started.

    What did I do all day when I wasn't working? I played video games and read books. Doesn't mean that I didn't work, I did side jobs all the time, but I had a lot more downtime than I do these days.

  5. Your insult of Schmalfeldt was way out of line. Worm turds are useful.

  6. "Sarah Palmer has been a VERY bad girl. Got audio transcript today. She told EIGHT provable lies under oath in Rockingham County Court."

    My first reaction was "why is he still fixated on that? It has no relevance to his lolsuit, even if true."

    I then realized that could boiled down to "So?"

    I'm too verbose at times...

    1. Even if it were true, he wasn’t at court, nor did he have representation at court to refute any statements made. Too bad, so sad.
      And we have seen his history that his view of the truth is often ALWAYS at odds with reality.

      FTFY - PK

    2. His concept of "provable" is often the opposite of how others interpret the word.

      Immaterial, in any case, as he missed his chance to even appeal.

      (Though this does show his bizarre sense of entitlement. Does anyone else view "don't contact me" as an affront to their rights?)

      1. His concept of provable is probable.

        Unless it's definitely probable, then it's definitely provable.

    3. Well, we know that calling BK a terrorist is a "provable lie" according to Bill.

      So there's that....

      1. So is saying he's demented despite a court document admitting to it.

  7. He has to have some kind of frontotemporal degeneration; particularly the left temporal lobe, an area critical for assigning meaning to words. he can still talk normally, more or less, but he's having trouble with language and semantics.

  8. "She told eight provable lies." Let's say she did. It is irrelevant to a DUMBFUCK because res judicata.

    In any case, we have just seen what DUMBFUCKS call "lies." A calls B, who was convicted of setting off bombs in places like the parking lot of a high school's football stadium, a terrorist. DUMBFUCKS may opine that such a description is a lie, but the common lexicon does not agree.

    1. I'm sure that he's already forwarding all that the to DA's office, who will leap at the chance to arrest and prosecute such a scofflaw.


        This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 23m23 minutes ago
        Question: If Sarah were truly as "askeerd" of me as she lied to a judge, would she continue her daily poking at this imminent danger fear?

        The only contact he should have with the DA is to take the 5th and call a (real) lawyer.

        But it's entirely possible he'll be talking to them soon.

        1. Will he ever figure out that pretending that his "enemies" speak as hicks, country bumpkins, or babies to show their alleged stupidity, tells others nothing about them, and only makes him seem the stupid one?

        2. LG:

          That's just part of his quaint "charm".

          The far bigger issue is he sued her, after a court order was in place greatly restricting his legal ability to do many things concerning her, and he promptly ignored that, and were I the DA, I'd take that as a direct threat and attempt to intimidate.

          I don't know Rockingham County. Been through it a few times. I don't know how much they'll react.

          Obviously he thinks he can intimate and threaten without regard to the orders of the court.

          At the very least, it's not probable to not impress the current judge on his case. Especially after he introduces it to prove his good nature and reasonableness.

        3. Being afraid and doing what's right anyway is called bravery. It's a good thing, dumbfuck.

  9. I've been a professional (an engineer) for 20 years, and a) I still work despite a disability more sever than Blobbo's (I can only dream of being able to use a rolly walker), and b) during my downtime, when I'm not on Twitter, I'm playing video games.

    Suck it, Blobbo.

      1. I heart you, Russ. You're such a good guy. You have a great sense of humor, and a terrific outlook on life. Much respect.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is not worthy to lick the wheels of your wheelchair.


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