Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

You know… 

this would carry a lot more gravitas if it came from one of your new vagina warriors instead of from behind this: 


We know you’re a coward who needs women to fight for you, but could you not be so goddamn obvious about it?

Aren’t you embarrassed?

Vagina warriors, aren’t you ashamed to carry the sword of a guy who lacks not only the ability to lift it but the will to try?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. The loathsome loser knows it's a total FAILure. It can see that its entire estate would easily fit into the back of a pickup, even after receiving all of that blood money that it refused to spend a cent of on any kind of memorial.

    The fat freak knows it can't win the battle it started, that it's been continuing for years, because it knows all it has ever had in its entire miserable existence is FAILure and rejection. It knows its a DUMBF**K, and that's why it believes these posts are about it.

    The fat freak knows it has bit off more than it can hide from, more than it can run from trailing fear pee all the way to WI. So the lyin' of Lebanon, Stolen Valor shirker, does what it's always done -- hide and fake injury while its betters do the real fighting.

      1. I ask the niece to take a few minutes to google her interesting uncle Bill. Do your own investigation before you believe anything said or written by us or uncle Bill Schmalfeldt. I'm confident you will find the same truth we've all discovered.

        1. Why would you think that a sister in law and (presumably her daughter) would be unaware?

          I think this is last ditch gasp of desperation.

          But for once, it's not the usual suspect.

          I'd say this might be a hint that Cindy and the Nuns might have been suggesting that alternative housing might be called for.

          I'd expect every one who he might ask to crash with will be trying to get Krendler to hush. "Please, stop giving the Nuns and Cindy stuff to read that he posted. Please. (Because we can's stand him either and he won't be quiet when we ask and we have kids.)"

  2. Guys, you realize that all of Saturday and lots of Sunday has now passed, and nobody, NOBODY in the Horde has yet doxxed his friends and family, contacted social services on them, emailed their employers, should they have them...


    Don't you realize that the motions that are ready to go Monday REQUIRE somebody to step up and step on that obvious trap for him?

    You're going to make him re-write them! Or file them with no evidence! ... (Like most of them.)

    Really. Do you want the LULZ to stop?

    Logic dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the DF One.

    (Actually, logic dictates it should probably be Kyle, since he won't mind going back to prison.)

    1. I mind lots (if that was me but its not because I get take to advantage of his epic faildox skillz)

      My favorite bit is noticing that reading comprehension fail runs in the family.


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