Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

A baseball bat?  Really?

I say that unless someone is dragging @Popehat……and Frey OUT OF THEIR OFFICES and BREAKING THEIR KNEES WITH BASEBALL BATS because of this, then there is nothing for them to worry about. Words are just words, and they cannot harm you. “Sticks and stones,” as they say

Or, baseball bats.

And let it NOT be said that the Liberal Grouch advocates anyone using baseball bats to break the kneecaps of either Mr. White or Mr. Frey! Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you have it in your mind that if Nadia Naffe were a friend of yours and some scumbag attorney used the powers of his office to dig up and use private information against her, whoever did it (or defends him) DESERVES to have their knees broken with baseball bats, let me dissuade you of that notion here and now.

That is not what baseball bats were made for.

For one thing, a wooden bat could break if it were used in such a reckless and lawless fashion. And if you think you can get around that by using an aluminum bat, guess again. An aluminum bat (unless it is reinforced with a lead center) would likely bend under such pressure. Now, I hear the crafty ones out there saying, “Yeah? Well, what if I drill out the center of a WOODEN baseball bat, fill IT with lead, cover the tip with Plastic Wood? Wouldn’t THAT do the job?”

Again, I say, you are wasting your time with all that effort. Tire irons are much more readily available.

So, my little Amazon Princesses so invested in defending the erstwhile Liberal Grouch aka Nill Schmalfeldt (oops, sorry, Dr. Freud) aka Unca DUMBFUCK, care to take a wild guess who wrote that bit about beating people with tire irons?  I’ll give you three, and the first two don’t count.

Of course, the pussy hiding behind your voluminous skirts memory-holed it, but not before someone saved it.  That happens with virtually everything he writes nowadays, because of the well-established trend:

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt seeks attention;
  2. Bill Schmalfeldt gets attention;
  3. Bill Schmalfeldt cries victim.

Ladies, do be sure to speak up when you realize that after failing to weaponize his wife in this Quixotic battle of his, he seems to have successfully weaponized YOU.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Oh, this effort is as likely to backfire as every other surefire-plot the fat freak has ever attempted to implement.

  2. All I know about the skirt-hiding is what I read here.

    Can I get an overview, please?

    1. If you look through the comments on earlier posts, you'll see a "nancy" and "Rebecca tibbits" [or tibbets, I forget] attempting to defend poor Schmally from having his internet efforts turned back upon him. Schmally went whining to facebook, and these are two of his late wife's relatives who apparently don't know him very well [yet]. You'll likely also note that none of his own family have been similarly roused to his defense.

  3. Does bill's "nieces" know that they are posting comments here? I bet it is just bill using sock-skirts instead of sock-puppets.

      1. Except he's not above socking them here. If he's not, I'm sorry they had to see what he's really been up to, and how badly he abused that poor woman.

  4. What is the date of the baseball bat paragraphs? I have seen it before.

    What is the date of the prior paragrah?

    1. "Walk amongst them with a baseball bat" appeared on FB on 3/19/16 of 3/20/16.

      The "baseball bats vs. tire irons" piece was published at Bunny Boy Unread way back on 12/29/12. It was memory holed sometime later but has been saved in many places.


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