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    1. Meh, forward all the evidence to the cops. Let them sort it out. At the very least, they ought to pay a visit to Billy and remind him of the legal consequences of violating a Restraining Order.

      1. Forward it all to the St. Francis police. Perhaps all the work Bill is giving them -- when there are serious crimes going on -- will annoy them.

    2. Agreed - stalking the holder of a no-stalking order seems like a very self-destructive idea, so of course the loathsome loser is all over it.

  1. So Bill is admitting in public that he is violating a sitting RO? That should come in handy when the police find out that he illegally obtained records for the purpose of additional harassment.

  2. So, police in small towns and suburbs don't have a lot of resources, and try not to get involved in interstate disputes. But when they start getting annoying, disruptive and probing calls and emails from out-of-state people about their local citizens, they tend to get their dander up. I really hope Bill Schmalfeldt pisses them off royally.

  3. http://www.justanswer.com/personal-injury-law/9luia-takes-bit-explaining-so-please-bear-me-i.html

    It does take some 'splainin'....

      1. Actually, IMHO, IANAL, if he was smart (or had a good lawyer), he would be filing at least 3 I can think of.

        The current "break" benefits only Walker. And his billing. Now that he's attached, cutting and running like he barely did last time (improperly, since there was a reply docketed) ... means Walker gets paid.

        A gag order request wouldn't be one of them.

        I'd be more specific, but PK would just redact it, despite the fact that 1) it really wouldn't help him MUCH (just decrease potential costs when he loses) 2) there's no proof he's educable. But I'll still save PK the trouble.

        I hear he's supposed to be in trouble, quaking in his boots. Or something like that.

    1. Again, here is DUMBFUCK not explaining the whole picture. This is why Bill lies and gets away with it from those that don't know him.

      The ad hominem attacks on Aaron and the distortion of history completes the lie. He fails to explain what Aaron actually did, but that's because DUMBFUCK doesn't know what he's doing. The attorney answering is confused, and if she really understood what Bill was trying to do, she'd tell him (after she laughed in his face, called him a DUMBFUCK, and then ran out into the lobby and told the other lawyers what a fuckup he is while billing him appropriately) that he is the one who filed the improper motions, effected improper service, which caused the docket to be flooded. He thinks Aaron did it, but Aaron was trying to get the process straight until Bill didn't like the counsel. Any attorney seeing this would agree that Bill is just a DUMBFUCK pro-se litigant.

      No Bill, you fucked up. There is a reason we laugh at you and you make sure to keep doing what you normally do because you don't know how to stop. I had fun reading that nonsense. You're trying to make friends the wrong way. Probably why you can never get a lawyer on your side.

    2. Bets on how long until JA seeks a TRO from DF....


      1. Why would they do that?

        He lies to them...
        They know he lies to them...
        He asks intractable questions that betray his lies, ignorance and more than questionable sanity...
        They provide non-binding, mealy-mouthed answers that give him what he wants to hear but can't possibly hold up when exposed to minimally competent opposition...


        This is a win-win if ever I saw one.

        1. True... When you get paid by the star rating chances are you're not going to try and shoot straight with a tool like DF.

          Makes for fun reading though! I thoroughly chortled over this last one.

    3. He asked that question 10 days ago. It makes one wonder why he didn't take her advice and file the motion in support of accepting the FAC. It's good, solid advice.

      Oh wait. This is Bill Schmalfeldt.

  4. We've witnessed some interesting behavior from the Cabin Boy. The past 48 hours has seen Bill Schmalfeldt go from constant Twitter & Blog updates on his Federal suit against Eric & Sarah, to complete radio silence. Then the wonderful folks at the St Francis PD met with Bill for hours and hours, collecting reams of evidence that was going to the District Attorney for additional investigation using its subpoena power. And just who is the D.A. going to put in prison for Bill?? Paul Krendler?? BUT, within the past 12 - 18 hours we've seen another shift in Fat Willy's brilliant strategy to finally bring down the evil Krendler. He is utilizing his assets in Illinois law enforcement and a little Fed to Fed FOIA requests for some information that will make Paul Krendler a convicted criminal.

    Can you imagine what the next 48 hours hold for the mastermind Bill Schmalfeldt? Although his insane behavior is very entertaining to us all, it might be time for a little mental health evaluation. I wonder if anyone in his family is aware of his declining mental condition?

    1. . I wonder if anyone in his family is aware of his declining mental condition?

      Roy? Paging Roy, White Courtesy Phone.

  5. As predicted, he's ramping up the "I've got you!" rhetoric, as if it worked the last one hundred times.

    He's about to lose his case against Sarah and Eric, proving that it was indeed vexatious. His real target: Paul Krendler. And the next prediction, if you can call it that: He will do something even more stupid.

    Tell us all. Stolen Valor, Toddler Stalker, and creator of fantasy audio child porn, just what kind of stupidity are we going to witness?

    My guess: It will be even more glorious!

    1. I hope Billy has been pinching his pennies, because there is a real chance he will be paying Aaron's fees & expenses. Especially when the Judge learns just how many suits he has filed against the same set of defendants. And if properly motivated, Aaron could put on a hell of a case getting Fat Willie declared vexious.

  6. There once was a man named Bill
    Who swallowed an exploding pill
    They found his vagina
    In North Carolina
    And his tits in a tree in Brazil

  7. It appears that Bill Schmalfeldt needs to learn the distinction between what "earned" and "awarded" means. There may be debate about whether or not he earned certain medals or honors from his service in the Navy. What is not up for debate is the official record - his DD214, which shows he was not awarded at least one of the medals he was photographed wearing. That is Stolen Valor, plain and simple. It does not matter what he thinks he earned, it matters what he was awarded.

    1. He's changed his story on why he wasn't able to update the DD-214. First he says he didn't have enough time. Now, he's saying that clerk told him it would take 2 weeks to investigate. That is incorrect. The ribbons are based on his service at a specific time and place. All the clerk had to do was look it up in another section of this personnel file and can validate that it meets the criteria.

      The fact is, he didn't know what he was doing, wanted to get out quickly, and if it really mattered would have done something about it. Now, he's trying to use it as a shield to cover for his harassment and when you point it out, he gets indignant. Too bad. You fucked up and no amount of monkey dancing will change that. Waltz on.

      1. "Too bad. You fucked up and no amount of monkey dancing will change that. Waltz on."

        To paraphrase Dave A.: I'd drink out of a coffee mug with this on it.


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