…but DUMBFUCK really ought to work on remembering IMPORTANT things…

Cheshire Cat Grin_2

Watch me get all shriveled now!

Look what you’ve done!  Oh, I’m melting, melting! Ohhhh, What a world…what a world…

Sorry for mixing my opium-fueled fairy tales, y’all…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “DUMBFUCK Don’t Hafta Remember EVERYTHING…”

  1. OK Krendler you are busted. That kitteh may be almost invisible, but it is one scary looking feline. No question but that is a DEATH THREAT.

  2. Dementia affects memory... and judgment, cognitive functions, and most anything related to intelligence.

    1. What about Klonopin and Ambien...do these drugs have any effect on dementia?

      1. Glad you asked! I have it on good authority that the increase the risk of dementia, especially in seniors!

  3. How do we know Krendler isn't Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber? Huh? Huh?

    Classic misdirection- And yet oh so danceable.

  4. I imagine that Butthurt Billy is one of those obsessive maniacs that have pictures of Krendel's and all the Zombies and Lickenspills avatars up on a wall with pins and colored yarn linking them up in some convoluted diagram.

    Just like those wack jobs you see on Criminal Minds.

    Myself, I am taking preventative measures and taping a picture of my Cute Kitteh on the front and back doors so he doesn't come in my house and rape my dogs.

    1. oooh!!! THIS!

      All the walls in his room have pictures, sticky notes and yarn connecting all. The picture of WJJH has devil-horns, glasses and a beard drawn in magic marker.

      The scotty-puff (It's red. Vroom. VROOM!) is parked under the floor in the middle of the room. It descends and raises on noiseless hydraulics in to a compartment built right under the floor. Just like in the bat cave!

      On his bedside table are pictures of Che, McGovern and Dukakis. And a picture of Hillary wearing a Princess Leia slave-girl bikini. The 3 weekends Bill spent photoshopping that one were worth it. Fantastic detail.

      Clothes are hung neatly in his closet. 4 shirts, 3 pairs of pants and 3 boy scout uniforms; small. Very small.

      Where's the AR-15? Nobody knows. But Bill did explain to the nuns that the saddle-gun holster attached to the front fender of the Scooty-puff (It's red. Vroom. VROOM!) is simply a holder for his cane. "You wouldn't deprive a old man his staff?"

      The Mac hums quietly in the corner keeping eternal vigilance over the internet looking for butthurt. With the help of google alerts.

      Today the Mac chimed ominously denoting a special communication. Bill kicks the Bernie Sanders posters aside and unrolls his islamic prayer rug in front of the Mac which flashes to life projecting a hologram.

      At the bottom of the hologram, written in translucent print, "Objects in this hologram are smaller than they appear."

      Brett Kimberlin appears. He's seated, leaning forward and wearing a hoodie. "I feel a disturbance in the courts. We did NOT anticipate a counterattack by the Rebel Alliance" Brett intones.

      "How may I serve you my master?" Bill inquires as he struggles to kneel-

      "Redouble your legal efforts Darth Bilious. Tie the Lickspittles up in court. Object to everything. Ensure the judge does NOT lose sight of justice. Through music, scams or otherwise. I can only count on you. Bobba Neil is still missing; though I perceive a trap is being set for him in Texas. Our jawa, Bunny Boy has had his internet priviledges revoked. By his parents. Something about not doing the dishes."

      "No problemo." Bill says.

      "FOOL!!!" Brett swears- "Do not take this lightly!!! The Rebel Alliance is working covertly with the Popehat Dominion! I'll take care of Popehat. Even now I'm quietly marshaling a battalion of Ninja-Ponies to go after Ken White. Yes, we'll lose some crossing California expressways but enough will get through."

      Brett goes on. "You pin down Hoge and his minions while I handle Popehat. Hoge will be next. And then we'll turn to teh Krendler. Oopsie. I didn't mean to say teh; don't read too much into that."

      Bill is just starting to respond, "Yes my master" when he's interrupted by the hologram flashing OFF. A faint smell of brimstone hangs in the air.

      "Oh well.", Bill says to himself.

      But then he hears something- Right outside his window. A shuffling sound and he knows what that means. But Bill is prepared. Sitting right in front of his window is a 50-lb bag of rocks. They're for throwing at the monkeys. The ones dancing outside his window! Though mostly they're in his head.

      Throwing open the window and grabbing a handful of rocks, Bill prepares to hurl with the strength of 10 grinches plus 2.

      But he hesitates. And smiles, ever so slightly. Bill drops the rocks, moves to the center of his room (facing the window). And begins to dance. Slowly at first. But picking up speed. He knows it's wrong to dance; but Bill can't help himself.

      And so he does.

      He'll get Krendler tomorrow.

      But then stops and thinks, "Why did Brett say 'teh'? Haven't I heard that before? Must conduct research."


      For now... Just dance.

  5. http://archive.is/Ql1gN

    Oooh! More scary tough talk from teh drunken fatass DUMBFUCK!
    Turnabout is fair play. Maybe it's time for St Francis law enforcement to be informed about: 1) a certain Restraining Order against DUMBFUCK and 2) certain behavior by DUMBFUCK that violates that R.O....


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