6 thoughts on “Because That Would Be PERJURY!!”

  1. What do you expect from a dementia addled freak? It's clear the defense isn't living the same reality as the plaintiff. So it either has to come to grips with the fact that its dementia isn't special, or lie to itself that the hundred people who live in that different reality are the ones who got it wrong, and the dementia addled loser is smarter than their collective wisdom, and smarter than several lawyers.

  2. I picture Shakey's wife turning tricks, and of course, dying, his son doing bong hits while he scours the webz looking for poop ball making stories. Very sad,

    1. I don't picture that at all!

      I don't have to, because that's almost exactly what was happening.

      I don't think she was turning tricks anymore, and DUMBFUCK was scouring the web looking for butthurt instead of poop-rolling stories...and PODCASTS! He was recording podcasts while she pissed herself up to her shoulders, and blogging about smaller coffeemaker and her oh-so-dignified death rattle.

      Other than that though, you're right on the mark, Howard.


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