29 thoughts on “And Awaaaaaaaay We Goooooo!”

  1. Conspiracy, or unrepentant, serial offender? That 5 to 7 different courts came to the same conclusion provably and probably indicates which applies here.

  2. Bwahahahahahahahaaaaa! Perhaps I should send to the St. Francis Police Department and/or the DA's office the evidence that I submitted to the court. See what they say about a "conspiracy."

    Yeah, it's a conspiracy that Bill Schmalfeldt likes to send threats/be harassing to people both through their email and in public. A conspiracy with the VOICES IN HIS HEAD maybe. lolol

  3. Drunkenstein has been on quite a roll the last twenty four hours, further proving that it's always five o'clock somewhere. .

    Of course, we know how this ends because we've already seen it repeatedly. The Yokohoma Casanova retreats to his sweaty-palmed happy place, secure in the knowledge that everyone is going to jail for sure, this time! Within a few days, it finally sinks into the Diminished Capacity Kid's dick-dents that the cops are thoroughly ignoring him and we stop hearing about it for maybe seven or eight months.

    But if William keeps doing the same thing over and over again, it HAS to work eventually. And someday he'll drink himself sober. Just watch!

    Hey, have I ever mentioned that taking Klonopin and Ambein increases the risk of dementia, especially in seniors?

  4. On another note, i wonder if Drunkenstein plans on hiding from the mailman today?


  5. This is about a 6.2 on the Richterschmelt?

    Experts are still waiting for the Big One.
    With total Schmeltashima meltdown.

    1. I'd say that it's barely a four, evidenced by the strong probability that the Johnnie Walker Red Baron is tweeting intermittently, almost certainly because he's spending most of his time writing delusional fantasies for the DA and attaching transcripts of his kidfucking komedy for good measure.

      For Category Six Feldtdowns and above, it's necessary for him to tweet three times a minute for at least two hours. Rules, after all, are rules.

  6. I would imagine that a very good LEO would request from the courts where the RO's were issued, as well as transcripts and evidence presented. I would then, imagine, that the LEO's would make direct contact with victims and hear their side of the story. Conspiracy itself can only be applied in the act of committing a crime. The first thing that an LEO would have to determine is: "was there a crime?"

    It is not a crime to get a RO. Judges are loathe to give these out unless there is clear and convincing evidence. Bill had every opportunity to defend himself in those cases. He was given ample notice. He chose not to do so. Seems as though the nice LEO's basically smiled a lot, helped stroke his ego, and now he's off telling the world someone is about to go to jail.

    Assuming of course, this meeting actually happened.. considering how many times this ploy has been used...

    1. Well, yeah, he's taken this tack at least four times in the past three years but WHAT OF IT? He doesn't really remember doing it, so how could a bunch of idiot wingnuts have not only clear memories but detailed archives of every manic utterance he made about it, cross-reference by date, where it appeared, and in many cases by the MAC address of the device he used? There's no way any of us could remember to breathe on our own much less handle that much information.

      1. Seems odd that when we question the veracity of his actions, he immediately drops his blogs and twitter accounts.


        Or perhaps, he's just tired of no one getting worked up over his crap. I mean, we all know who and what he is. It only seems logical he's FINALLY getting the message to just shut up and go away.

        Then again, anyone check PACER? Wonder if the Judge has ruled..

        1. It's probably Happy Hour in St. Francis. He'll be back before midnight.

        2. Hey may have received some unexpected advice from his legal team at AVVO.com and JustAnswer.com, informing him he is in big trouble.

  7. "unenforceable RTOs"? If he crosses that line, we shall see. Mine has been served on him by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office - I beat it is not "unenforcable".

    And Bill may have used the word conspiracy, but I bet the LEOs used the term habitual offender.

      1. WOMENS LAW to the rescue!

  8. And since Bill filed for copyright on Paul Krendler's work, claiming he was Paul, doesn't that mean that Bill is Paul? So it would be extremely easy for the Milwaukee DA to file charges against Bill for harassing Bill. (Forget about it, Jake. It's Pretendy Land.)

    We all know this is just a fantasy of Bill's - no call was made to the police or the DA. Or Mr. Oversharer himself would have told us the Detective's name, phone number, and the case number. It is all a lie, to salvage Bill's pride after his humiliating defeat in the federal LULZsuit, and his soon-to-be served on him state suit from Hoge.

    1. I do love that Drunkenstein's sweaty fantasies have potentially opened himself up to a copyright fraud investigation and he doesn't seem to realize it.

      But I'm sure it'll be okay. The Johnnie Walker Red Baron will have a "fed to fed" talk with the FBI after the Milwaukee DA refers the matter to them.

      1. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - is funnier than Drunkenstein going to DA and contending that material he himself owns the copyright to is harassment. It has the potential of being his most spectacular fuck-up yet and it couldn't be more beautiful.

        1. "and contending that material he himself owns the copyright to is harassment. "

          You normally have to have time travel and a bumbling sidekick to have such a contrived plot line.

          Heeeeeyyyyyy. What has Kyle been up to lately? Him and that Victor Trollpoker are messing with us. Was it just me, or did anybody else want to see the court clerk try to keep a straight face when Bill demanded a summons for Colonel Victor Trollpoker?

        2. I'd be fascinated to hear how he went about asking for one for me, given that I'm a figment of Krendler's imagination and all.

  9. The only one ever going to jail shaky is you! Then you and your best bud the Pedo will have another thing in common


    We are here to answer any questions you have have and to provide documented proof of our claims.

  11. I know about TROs (temporary restraining orders), but RTOs? I haven't come across that acryonym before in the years-long saga of dealing with Bill.

    1. Maybe it's French--kinda like how UTC is the abbreviation for Coordinated Universal Time.


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