A Note To nancy & Rebecca tibbitts

So when Deranged and Legally Adjudicated Cyber-ToddlerStalker Unca DUMBFUCK brings up the family of an uninvolved third party like this:  

How should Bill Schmalfeldt’s Accurate Reflection respond?

“I picture Unca DUMBFUCK’S wife dead and powdery in a clock, his children blissfully oblivious to his entire execrable existence, while he scours the web looking for butthurt and manipulates a coterie of Amazon Vagina Warrior Princesses to go forth and fight the flame wars he started. There’s mountain of improvement to climb before such a situation could be reasonably called anything so positive as ‘very sad.'”

Do I get to wonder which picture is more accurate to reality?  Because I really don’t have to.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “A Note To nancy & Rebecca tibbitts”

  1. Did you know that after the malignant monster's wife died, within an hour, it was tweeting about re-branding, and soon thereafter changed its handle to theMerryWidower? Kind of makes it expected that the repulsive recreant ignored her during her last weeks, days, and even during her last breaths which she took all alone because the freakshow was busy on the internet drawing attention to its reviled self through describing in graphic detail every mortifying bit of her suffering.

    It cannot be stressed enough - to discover the truth about Bill Schmalfeldt, google Bill Schmalfeldt. I'd list pseudonyms to check, but the fat freak has been banned from twitter dozens of times, and has had over 100 different handles there. Bill Schmalfeldt has been banned from virtually all websites the loathsome loser has ever fouled with its revolting presence.

    Bill Schmalfeldt admits being diagnosed with dementia years ago, and like Bill Schmalfeldt, it's the kind of thing that gets worse over time.

    Let us know when you seek a restraining order against Bill Schmalfeldt so we can update the count which right now stands at: at least NINE orders in at least FIVE states.

    1. That number includes 3 woman and 1 three year old toddler that needed to be protected from Bill's stalking and harassment. Heck he took a picture of a woman and photoshopped her onto a giant cactus penis and posted it all over the Internet. What's worse, he had no idea who the woman was. Another of his many, many Internet detective failures. The sad part is, he blamed the woman for "making" him do it. That gives you a pretty good look at how Bill Schmalfeldt treats woman in general.

    1. Maybe he promised them rides on the Scooty Puff of Doom (It's RED!! VROOOM VROOOM!)

      Unfortunately for them, they have no clue what a skeevy perv "Unca Bwilly" is.

      1. If he promised them rides on it, it was so he could sniff the seat afterwards. He is, after all, a proven Turd-Rolling, Shit-Sniffing ToddlerStalker.

  2. Here you go ladies. Check his poddump and find out the good points of wife death:

  3. Dear Nancy Klosinski and Rebecca Tibbits: You dont approve of anal rape of women and minors, do you? Because that's what pervert Bill Schmalfeldt has repeatedly 'joked' about. Check it out in these links. BTW, I hope you guys haven't left your children unattended with "Uncle Billy"

  4. https://twitter.com/RadioDrumpf/status/712827291643068416
    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 11h11 hours ago
    Oh, wonderful. TMZ's obsessing over my sister-in-law and niece now. #pervert

    Let's see...WE weren't the ones who dragged them into this fight--YOU DID, DUMBFUCK.
    And Bill Schmalfeldt is certainly an expert on perversion, since HE's the one who makes audio skits about anal rape of cub scouts, blogs about anally raping women, incites people to rape a critic's wife (while DOXXING that wife), refers to women as "cunts", "twats", "whores" etc. etc. etc. Are you saying the sister-in-law and niece approve of this kind of behavior, Billy?

    1. Notice the fat freak considers an adult man taking an interest in adult women to be a perversion.

    2. So he considers posting something for them to read to be "obsessing" over them? Then all those tweets he sent using juvenile names referencing me that he wanted me to read were Bill obsessing over me? Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

      1. But picking up the phone and trying to call family isn't obsessive at all. /sarc


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