Well, That's Weird

When DUMBFUCK looks at this Billy Sez post, it says it sees this

Must be time for a trip to the eye doctor…

I just knew this was happening yesterday, didn’t you?



Aw, poor baby!
But you know, there’s nothing more comforting than the weighty feeling of the gold medal against the breast of a racer still settling into the starting blocks.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “Well, That's Weird”

  1. And apparently DUMBFUCK doesn't realize that the Restatement of Torts can also be called Restatements of (Common) Law. Because, you know, that's what they are. The whole "Torts" part is put in so that you know that these particular parts of Common Law are harms against a person. Allegedly.

    Whatta maroon!

      1. And the restatement isn't law. It's a gloss, a guidebook. Local laws may -- will -- vary.

  2. Starting BLOCKS. I think we can all agree we hate auto-corrupt.

    I love the "came into your house" bit. Nope, DF, you published everyone of those images and statements -- yout presented them to the public. Your involvement in newsworthy activities -- harassing the Stranahans, Hoge, all your lawsuits, your "broadcasts" -- make them worthy of comment. So they were always fair use.

    Then you included them in a lawsuit and dropped the suit WITH PREJUDICE after questions were raised about your honesty on the IFP application.

    When you did that, you conceded the Billy Sez pics were not copyright infringements or defamatory or anything else that gave you any say in their use.

    You should have thought that request for dismissal through, DF. You should think a lot of things through.

      1. hahaha How can you feel properly intimdated when the dementia addled and craven self-named HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower is in its dank hidey hole? hahahaha intimidated hahahaha freakshow intimidating hahahaha so, so hilarious!

        "...poor old decrepit widower who can't make it across the room without help... " "...you better be scared of me, rawr, big tuff guy, rawr..." hahahaha

        Oh my goodness - we should get to see that freakshow being cursed with self-awareness. That would be FUN.

    1. Yes, he waived all his claims with regard to the Billy Sez images. So now he is knowingly filing false DMCA takedown notices.

      (Not for nothing, but it kinda reminds me of how he knowingly filed a false and perjured copyright application for works written by Paul Krendler.)

      In response to DUMBFUCK's filing of false, perjured DMCA takedowns, it appears that the proprietor of Billy Sez has elected to take her business offshore, outside the reach of fraudulent DMCA takedowns, rather than dealing with the hassle of counter-notices. And somehow that's an indicator of her "guilt"?

      Ha. HA. And motherfucking HA!

      You're breaking laws right and left now, DUMBFUCK. You really ought to quit before this all catches up to you. The window for doing so is closing fast.

      1. Oh, and I almost forgot...




      2. Didn't he discuss this with Edgren on the Artisan Craft Blog a few days ago? If that discussion predates the DMCA filing, he is certainly at least aware of the arguement that these images are public domain. While that is Dave's opinion, it certainly reads well to me, and likely to any judge. Especially a judge in any potential DMCA countersuit...

        I guess Bill will just have to delete that conversation... oh wait...

  3. TDFKAD spewed: "But it will certainly show the judge that [redacted] is not an honest broker,"

    It is soooo cute that it still thinks this is every going to get in front of a judge, at least in a case where he is the plaintiff.

    And further stupidity: "and sending the photo to KU is a NEW act, not covered by my dismissing defendants with prejudice."

    A certain lawyer informed him that the new images, transformed from stupid's original by that lawyer, are now in the public domain, and outside of his claims. But, hey, DUMBFUCK's gotta DUMBFUCK.

    1. And Bill Schmalfeldt took at least three separate images of mine from personal blogs, and republished them without modification. His double standards are on full display. (Attempted Intimidation is not a recognized Fair Use exception.)

      1. Then file the appropriate DMCA request. We're never going to get anywhere simply pointing out Billy's double-standards. We must IMPALE him on them.

  4. In his latest screed, Bill libels the creators of Billy Sez, comparing them to burglars, i.e., felons, and asserting that their transformative use of photos, something which he has done numerous times, is "theft." Therefore, he has admitted that his posting Ash's photos and those of her family is theft. Right?

    But maybe he'll backpedal on that one and argue some nonsense he dug up in the Restatement (Third) of Torts. Wait -you mean there's a THIRD Restatement? Why, yes indeed, there certainly is! I won't tell you if Wisconsin has adopted it in whole or in part. WAIT! YOU MEAN A STATE HAS TO ADOPT A RESTATEMENT, AND IT CAN DO SO IN WHOLE OR IN PART?! Why, yes indeed!

    At any rate, Bill can no longer ... never mind. Let him figure things out.


    You gave any rights you may have had (*) up when you jetted away from your last suit on a stream of fear pee.

    (*) Not that I think you had ANY, as they are fair use for satirizing you.

    You can keep flogging the noodle, but it'll never turn into a lance. Just stop harassing people, drop your dreams of going back to being an anonymous bully, and find a new hobby.


    (And how hard do you think it will be to prove you're abusing the courts to harass people when you're filing multiple suits against people who have no contact orders against you? I know you can't spell "vexatious", so copy it from there and paste it into Bing.)

      1. The high today in Saint Francis was 37°F, also the wording of those tweets make me think maybe BS is stretching the truth a little.


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