Truth Now For LULZ Later

A time will come, sooner or later, when LULZSUIT VI – The Undiscovered Krendler sputters to the same ignominious end as all such lawsuits filed by this plaintiff do.

He will say there is no justice for a poor, disabled, recently widowed, defenseless Parkinson’s patient who is bullied.  He will be wrong.

He will say that Wisconsin red state right-wingers conspired against him.  He will be wrong.

He will say the defendants lied.  He will be wrong.

He will say he’s tired of the fight, that he’s just a sad old man who no longer has the will to stand up and defend himself against the withering attacks on his sandy vagina.  That will be a lie.

He’s going to lose, and he is the only one who doesn’t yet know it.  But it won’t be because he is a poor, disabled, recently widowed, defenseless, Parkinson’s- suffering victim of bullying.  It won’t be because Republican judges in Wisconsin conspired against him.  It won’t be because the defendants told better, more convincing and more easily debunked lies than he does.  It won’t be because he’s a tired old man with a leaky vagoo.

He’s going to lose for the same reason he has lost every other lawsuit he has filed.

He’s going to lose because he’s an idiot.  That’s all.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Truth Now For LULZ Later”

  1. Most dementia addled, hallucinating, lifelong FAILures, aren't stooooopid enough to repeatedly file a losing FAILsuit against essentially the same group of people for essentially the same claims. And those few who are dementia addled enough, addicted to FAILure enough, and stoooooopid enough to allow themselves to believe their hallucinations that this time will be different, generally have at least one person in their life who cares about them and will intervene to prevent doing further damage to themselves.

    Therein lies the difference - that one person who cares. hahahaha

    1. ...and DUMBFUCK is actually pissing away money on this one! What's he up to, a thousand bucks (so far)?

    1. Hey, I have a Focus. Nice hatchback. It's red (vroom, VROOM). But seeing as how the passenger side doesn't have blown shocks or a yellow stain on the seat, I'm guessing Carmax didn't obtain it from central MD.

    2. Nah, Kyle, the fat freak doesn't have a Focus; it appears SGotCU didn't leave* that to the self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower either. Can't imagine why... unless asked her opinion of that handle before she passed... or blogged about every humiliating detail of her suffering... or posted photos of her in a hospital gown or her underwear... or -- let's face it, I probably won't live long enough to list all of the provable potential reasons! haha

      *Don't forget, the loathsome loser promised that car to a sister or niece, but that's not who ended up with it. Did the stolen valor Lyin' of Lebanon lie about it? Or did it not have the legal right to give it away?

    3. According to Mark Singer, Kimberlin routinely put high capacity springs and shock absorbers on his vehicles.

      I wonder if Toyota approves of such modifications to Priuii?

  2. I see he is fabricating more threatening emails and posting them on his TL. It's a shame. I wish someone really would kneecap him. That would be FUN because it would be FUNNY!

    1. Hilariously, Billy recycles this quote from the Walking Dead: "If you have to eat shit, it’s best not to nibble. Take a bite, chew, then swallow. Bite, chew, then swallow. Goes quicker that way." Aside from the fact that HE'S the one who will be forced to eat shit by the time this is all over, Typical of Bad Memory Billy, he seems to forget what happened to the guy who made that statement....

      1. Wasn't it just this month, Bill had to eat shit from a 3 year old. LOL. Oliver Wendall Jones lost to a freaking 3 year old.

        Did the 3 year old lie to the judges like Bill always claims on each of his other restraining orders.

        Or did the 3 year old use the epicly difficult to defend against, "Barney" strategy?

    2. Good lord, no! Imagine the poor paramedics who would have to transport him!

      Plus, he's just not worth it.

  3. "Did you see what Bill did after Dianna's lawyer contacted him?"

    "He Randazza way!"

    What would make me giggle like Ron Swanson if Eric Johnson filed.... And turned out to be "Roy Schmalfeldt".... Who, like "Zombie Morgana" has been sued and dismissed with prejudice. By request.

    Hopefully the ninjanuns wrought think the screaming is a possession and call a priest.

    (I have a prediction about what happens is about a week, but let's see how it goes."

  4. This explains a great deal of Schmalfeldt's " issues. And your wife having sex only helps if YOU were participating, Bill.


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