Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…


Hey, if you don’t want me reading your stuff, all you have to do is take it private.

I have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to read any bit of stupidity you feel called to post on the web, and the DUTY TO MY READERS to point, laugh and mock to the best of my not inconsiderable ability.

Like now.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…”

  1. Imagine if Michelangelo was walking through a street bazaar and saw a youngster sculpting, tossed him some coins and said "Nice work, kid."

    William commenting on the "stalking" of others is a lot like that. After all, no fewer than nine courts of competent jurisdiction have ruled on his mastery of that particular art.

    1. "Damnable cyberstalkers! I'll show them by digging up everything I can about their marriages, children and grandchildren! Then they'll know who's boss!!!"

      1. "Whew! It's a good thing that I have spellcheck. I almost spelled 'good' as 'god.'

        God? I wonder where those terrible, terrible stalkers go to church ..."

  2. Isn't tweeting at someone from behind a block a lot like being such a pussy that someone on on the street calls you on your bullshit and you just scurry home with your tail between your legs and lock yourself in the bathroom then shout all the stuff you didn't have the balls to say to their face?


    TEACHER!! Paul is talking about me after I put him in a timeout!!!


    Seriously, Bill? Seriously? Why are you such a coward?

    1. Of course, I should mention the fact that just because he posts a pic of a tweet doesn't mean he was the one that got it. Could've been from someone else.

      1. "@support I was stalking his blog and found out that I was stalking my Twitter feed. You won't do anything, you say? Let's see how your wife feels about that when I call her!"

    1. So Billy has a dilemma: turn his account pussy-private (but now his rantings are read by NO ONE), or else leave the account narcissist-public (but now his ENEMIES can read it). Such a terrible dilemma for narcissist-pussy Bill Schmalfeldt!

      Guess what, Billy? You've just bumped your drunken head into that dilemma we call Life: You can STFU or you can have critics (and if you're a DUMBFUCK who doesn't STFU, you'll have LOTS of critics!). Make your choice. It's part of being a grown-up.


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