Some Things Do Require A Response

You know, I could do an epic takedown on DUMBFUCK’S entire post from this morning, but I’m a little busy right now.

I could say, yes, it’s fine that it acknowledges wrongdoing against MaryFrances Causey by photoshopping her onto a giant cock.  Shop1

And I could also say good for a DUMBFUCK for apologizing.  Except I have a feeling that DUMBFUCK remembers that apology about as accurately as it remembers its wife dying in its arms while it was glued to the internet battling evildoers and deleting comments, which is after all much more important.  Unfortunately I have too much to do right now.

I could also point out that the photo that DUMBFUCK sent to Scott Hinckley’s wife’s business email address where it was probably seen by six to ten people, none of whom at ever met or even heard of DUMBFUCK prior to that day, before being forwarded to God only knows whom, was an EXTRAORDINARILY STUPID THING TO DO.  But I’ve done that previously, so why bother?  I might also ask of a DUMBFUCK who says “but Mrs. Hinckley seemed like a nice lady who would understand,” HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW?  I could just as easily say that DUMBFUCK’S late wife seemed like an enabler for a narcissistic sociopath with an inferiority complex and deep-seated Oedipal issues, but HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW?  I would never say that.

I could suggest to a DUMBFUCK that now that its wife has passed away, it should just drop the pretense of having some noble motive for its abnormal attentions toward the Stranahan family.  I would tell it that there is not a single person on Earth who believes a word DUMBFUCK says about it.  There is only DUMBFUCK who believes, and I don’t think anyone would classify it as a human being, so we can’t count that. But like I said.  Too busy.

Me?  My motives are not noble.  I have never pretended they are.  I would not tell anyone they are.  My motives are exactly the same as DUMBFUCK’s motives, pointed in the opposite direction.  What was it he said?  “If I have hurt anyone unintentionally, my apologies. If I meant to hurt you, I hope it hurts like a mother fucker. Yes.”

But this:

Pontificator Post_4

Oh, really?

I don’t think DUMBFUCK wants to stand by that.  In fact, I am 100% sure it will soon be scrambling for a rationalization for that FUCKING BALDFACED LIE.

If you are not a fan of his voice, skip the audio and go direct to the transcript.  I have helpfully omitted all of the annoying verbal tics and crutches that so destroy his otherwise mellifluous baritone.  /sarcasm

Hi, this is a call for Michael William Palmer.  My name is Bill Schmalfeldt, I‘m calling from St. Francis, Wisconsin.  Interesting that you’ve still got Sarah on your answering machine there.  The reason I’m calling is, I need a bit of information.  Sarah Palmer is one of the people harassing me.  And I need to verify some information about her.  I’m not trying to get anybody in trouble, I‘m just trying to get the harassment to stop.  I see where she’s living in Reidsville, North Carolina now, she has three different personae, as Ashtera, as Sheeple Rage and now she’s a Dread Pirate Zombie or one thing or another.  She’s still a member of the SCA, only now it’s in the Atlantia Kingdom.  If you could give me a call back, sir, my phone number is 414-249-43xx.  And this’ll be the only time I bother you, if you’d rather not get involved in any of this I understand, but I’m just trying to get to the bottom of who this is that is harassing me.  Thank you very much.  Bye-bye.

So, you DUMBFUCK MONKEY:  While you’re doing this:

and trying to UNFUCK YOURSELF by finding some bullshit website that will reproduce that transcript WITH ALL THE VERBAL CRUTCHES…

…keep in mind I have the other message too.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

57 thoughts on “Some Things Do Require A Response”


    1. I KNOW!!!! Right!!! Gee wonder who it was w3ho called me pretendy to be a PAID journalist for a real paper?


      Lying, that's a common trait among the incarcerated

  2. He's lied about what he was doing when his wife dies, he's lied about his military service, he's lied to the courts. It's not real shocking that he'd lie about his too. Maybe we need to add

    World's Stupidest and Most Dishonest Man™

    1. Lying liar the Lyin' of Lebanon busted lying yet again, with concrete proof - not a ridiculous feldtchart, not tendentious assumptions strung out in the glorious FAIL of schmalogic - but self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower's own words in its own repulsive voice prove the lie it blogged this morning.

      Over the weekend the fat freak's disgraceful behavior in ignoring its dying wife's last moments,(don't forget she'd had the death rattle for over an hour previously, so there could be no mistake that the end was very, very near), was also proven when the grotesque ghoul again repeated the self-serving lie that it held her while she died..

      These are not small lies where a mistake could have been made; just like wearing medals that aren't on the DD-214 isn't a mistake - it's stolen valor.

      Either way, the dementia addled FOOL is either so dementia addled that it can sincerely be mistaken about something as consequential as the death of a spouse, or it's so dementia addled it thinks it can get away with such ludicrous lies, despite years of evidence to the contrary.

      Yeah, OWJ/JWR is gonna do great in the latest FAILsuit, facing actual lawyer(s). *hic*

      If it ever has another lucid moment, the craven coward will hand deliver that dismissal, no matter the weather. When the scooty puff (it's red - vroom, VROOM!), runs out of charge (maybe 100 yards with that load), it will rolly walk the rest of the way if it has to... but what are the odds it will ever have another lucid moment?


  3. Thank you for the transcript.

    He does have a voice for the big screen. Too bad they got the whole "talkie" technology working.


    Even when its shown to him, written right there that a 5 year old with any kind of reading comprehension skills can see, he still can't honestly say, "You're right. I lied."

    1. What "intercept"?

      And answer the accusation, DF -- you involved family for no reason, and then lied about it.

      And the evidence? It goes against your case, Shakes. You were the one doing the harassing. You were the one shoving his nose where it doesn't belong.

      A target of harassment doesn't call relatives of the harasser, they take steps to end the harassment. Like all those court orders against you.

    2. DUMBFUCK seems to think that, when he memory-holes something, it no longer exists. He doesn't (yet) realize just how completely Team Zombie has preserved all the evidence which will cut him down in any legal battle. But Billy's willful ignorance will soon suffer the death of a thousand cuts.

  5. Have you heard about the loathsome loser, beaten by the zombie queen all the time;
    Have you heard about the loathsome loser, he’s a loser but he still keeps on trying.

  6. its like watching those 15 year old skateboarders trying to ride the hand rails over the concrete stairs.........

    it always ends the same....

    1. No, it doesn't always end the same. Sometimes there's a nice rock garden or water feature at the bottom of the stairs.

      like, even though you know what is coming, it never gets old.


    Or it COULD mean that Person A fucked a DUMBFUCK for giggles. That's a possibility, too.

    How do i just know that restraining order #10 is on it's way, this time from the Golden State?

    1. I can't be the only one who thinks that in his youth, dumb fuck tried to hang a picture, and the head of the hammer fell off and lodged in his skull, and they left it there.

      1. Nah, they would have taken that out in Vanderbilt and said "bag the DBS, this explains him. Start writing an article for (Freaks of) Nature."

    2. Where was confidentiallity promised, or even implied, when DUMBFUCK DF left the voice message on Person A's answering machine?

      1. Oh, there was confidentiality involved. My understanding, so was a court seal.

        Oopsie poopsie.

      2. Neal -

        No confidential info in what I just subjected my ears to, as far as I know. Any other dumb moves are not in this discussion. But when does my leaving a message on your answering machine imply you are under orders to hold that confidential?

        Any other DF-related self-immolations involve separate hot, lit, gas stoves and cans of petrol. Not part of this discussion, but still fun to watch. Technically, throwing popcorn at him will cool him down some, so it is a legitimate first aid treatment. I wouldn't eat it though, fire only cleans so much...

    3. Or it could mean that any message knowingly left on someone's answering machine becomes the property of the recipient, to use however he sees fit.

      1. Because wiretapping laws deal with surreptitious recordings, not answering machines where this s complete expectation of, and thoroughly implied consent to being recorded.

        Oopsie 2da Poopsie.

    4. Let me see if I understand this:

      Bill made a deliberate choice to contact the estranged husband of his victim, without any understanding of the circumstances (read context) between the two, thinks he's leaving a message on an answering machine that is private (damn bad assumption, homie) and is now upset that the message has been revealed?

      Bill, remember how you always tell people not to stick their noses into your business? Guess what you did? You got CAUGHT!! And, you lied about it!

      How is it that you can be this much of a failure so often and not understand the phrases:

      "Quit while you're behind."
      "Cut your losses and move on."
      "The horse got a broken leg and ain't gonna make it to the finish line. Better shoot it."

      1. If only I could remember what it was he said happened to people who get in the middle of other people's marriages back in Iowa ....

        I remember it being unpleasant, though.


    Pardon me a moment.


    There. That's better.

    You were saying?

    1. What did Bill say in the message about being surprised that Sarah was STILL on the outgoing message? His dumbass even acknowledges that the machine was being accessed & used by both of them. Sorry Bill, you FAIL again!!!

      How about that LIE you told?!?!?! I'd really like you to account for your blatant dishonesty!!!!

  9. Silly zombies - you should know by now that every unsolicited and/or harassing communication from self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower is automagically confidential, private; for-the-eyes-of-the-victim/target-only; and may NOT be shared, reproduced in whole or in part, or any part of the contents divulged in any way or in any part, under penalty of schmalaw.

    IOW, it's totally a tort to humiliate the fat freak with its own nonsense!

  10. [REDACTED - You may be right, but educating monkeys is frowned upon here. - KK]


    "See, Krendler? I'm not a liar, I'm an idiot!

    I'll accept your apology in writing."

    1. Toddler stalker and liar are but two of the many responsibilities of the self-appointed and definitely self-annointed DUMBF**K.

      1. Careful, there, Jane...

        He doesn't comprehend that he does it all to himself...none of Bill's problems would exist, except that he caused them... are endangering the LULZ harvest!


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