6 thoughts on “Oh, Look!”

    1. What little self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower ever did understand, if anything, maybe many, many years ago, is now dementia addled.

    1. Judd is one of the toadies over at Think Progress.

      He may be attempting to mock one of the Republican presidential candidates...

      Or, he may mixed the coke and the psilocybin, again.

  1. Bill is , once again, trying to suck up to someone who is much more well known them himself. If you back over his hundreds of twitter handles you see it time and time again. And if someone does reply, no matter how offhand, you can tell from Bill's responses that THIS TIME HE'LL BE SOMEBODY.......until the other person then ceases to respond at all because they can recognize creepy stalker a mile away. I think Alan Colmes might have been the last one until even Alan barred him from writing for his free website because of Bill's behavior.


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