It's Hard To Know What To Call It…

Is it Parkinson’s Disease Dementia?

Is it #PDDDUMBFUCKGotNoImpulseControl?

Is it something as simple as “Oopsie poopsie, I forgot I did that?”

Is it deep down, fundamental bedrock stupidity?

Whatever it is we choose to call it, it certainly is LULZY.

When I see a DUMBFUCK trying to tar a fictional zombie overlord – who, yes, Morgana, doesn’t give a fuck what people think of him – as a necrophiliac…

It becomes my obligation to point out that just 32 short days ago, that selfsame DUMBFUCK admitted to the world at large STILL ANOTHER PERVERSE SEXUAL PROCLIVITY OF ITS OWN:


It loves the late Gail Schmalfeldt with every fiber of its being!  

There really aren’t a lot of ways to interpret an admission like that…are there?

EVERY. FIBER. OF. ITS. BEING.  EVERY ONE.  Even (or perhaps especially) the useless noodley one?

I knew it was a disgusting admission when I read it, but at the time I thought it deserved the benefit of this doubt.

I guess I was wrong.  Projector gotta project.

And as far as that last bit about dragging Paul Krendler through the filth and the mud and blah blah blah?

“‘Bred en bawn in a brier-patch, Brer Fox–bred en bawn in a brier-patch!’ en wid dat he skip out jes ez lively as a cricket in de embers.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “It's Hard To Know What To Call It…”

  1. Cousin Bill has no idea of the monster he's created...

    He'll never be able to tell a lie in a public forum without being corrected with evidence from his own writings...

    I've waited decades for this...

  2. If Billy really loved his now-dead abuse victim, he would have stopped stalking and harassing innocent people. So he obviously didn't care what kind of blowback all this would have caused for someone he claimed to "love" (With sociopaths like Schmalfeldt "loving" you, who needs haters?)

    1. If the self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower had the least bit of respect for her that one could typically expect from a stranger, the freak wouldn't have robbed her of every bit of her dignity by describing every mortifying detail of her illness (soiling herself, urine up to her armpits, etc.), in a pathetic and revolting attempt to bring attention to its revolting self.

      NINE restraining orders from FIVE states, including ordered to stop stalking a toddler - it's very clear who the monster is, and where the dementia addled trouble lies.


  3. Lying monster again rewrites history wrt SGotCU's final illness and death. On June 17th, within minutes of her death, the grotesque ghoul raged about being pulled from her death bed by a comment to its website, and missing her final breath.

    Because, as everyone knows:

    1) it has zero impulse control and couldn't resist leaving her to read a comment;

    2) the commenter had some sort of advance notice of the exact time of her death; and

    3) most importantly, the comment was almost certainly Bill Schmalfeldt's dementia-addled attempt to paint itself as a victim but instead, as always, if one takes it at its word, proved itself a monster.

      1. Nah, it was sent by "Shilo" and while I don't believe it was sent by the dog, I'm as sure as I can be that it originated in the tinhovel.

  4. Oh, and since Billy projects his own sickness on everyone else, last night's tweets make it a good bet that Schmalfeldt fapped on his abuse-victims corpse before calling 911...

      1. Can you imagine the mega-disgusting photos he took but DIDNT send?

  5. Perhaps Bill can answer a straightforward question:

    Since you now claim your utmost and undying love for her, why didn't you shut off your computer in the days before she died and spend it at her side, instead of in the other room glued to your computer (remember, "It's ok, I can see her in the other room watching her favorite tv show")?

    In the absence of any even remotely cogent answer, what gives us the slightest reason to believe you?

    1. Another question: Why do you use homosexuality as a pejorative? What's wrong with being gay?

      1. I'd guess he's repressed and, since he evidently hates his life so much (for good reason - surely, no one who loved life would continually tread on his own junk so frequently or vigorously), he hates that aspect of it as well.

        Just a guess.


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