7 thoughts on “It’s Already This Kind of Day”

  1. Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot 46m46 minutes ago
    And an attorney is going to face an uphill battle moving for dismissal because "Hoge said so."

    Can't wait for DUMBFUCK to get the cold dose of reality up his fat arse. Can't. Wait.

      1. I don't think it's latent - more like blatant; and there's no doubt, based on its anal fixation and numerous references to anal sex and rape, including with cub scouts.


  2. LOL, a turd sniffing fat slob makes fun of Chris Christie, another fat slob, but he should give Chris credit where credit is due - Chris Christie is unlikely to ever have sniffed his own shit and he is a real lawyer. Oh, and Chris has children, family and friends that love him.

    1. And has managed to get elected Governor of New Jersey whereas Willie, if I remember correctly, is "a failed political candidate."

  3. Our favorite monkey could never dance that well. Even with the rolly-walker, the best he could do would be to slide across the floor and land flat on his face.

    1. Remember, he fell on his face when he bent over to pet his fucking dog!

      Speaking of which, we haven't heard from the great Bill Schmalfeldt about the status of his two dogs that he abandoned back in Maryland. For someone who shares everything in life with the internet, you'd think he'd have given an update about those creatures he supposedly loved so much.

      One thing I have learned is that an extremely high percentage of the zombie horde are caring pet owners - many of them are even as obsessive about their animals as I am about mine. Just one more reason we find Bill Schmalfeldt so distasteful....


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