Is Sarah Palmer Stalking A DUMBFUCK?

There’s only one way for a DUMBFUCK to be sure, and that’s to sneak up and look in her windows with binoculars.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Is Sarah Palmer Stalking A DUMBFUCK?”

  1. They'd have to be pretty good binoculars, given William's eighth and ninth restraining orders.

    Oopsie poopsie.

    Also, since the Diminished Capacity Kid tells the courts one thing, and everybody else (including police departments) something different, his ability to travel is unknown.

    1. Exactly - if self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower could make it happen, either physically or financially, the dementia addled freak would undoubtedly up its stalking. NINE restraining orders, most of which specifically prohibit stalking, proves that point to me.

  2. Now we are entering the blackout drunk / disassociative schizophrenia stage of a Feltdown... The Fat Blabber can't really expect any onlookers to believe the F5 jackhammer isn't on *his* keyboard...

    If he really, truly can't remember the visits above we are past time for trip in the wrap-around jacket for evaluation.

      1. C'mon, everybody. Bill's SUING, for Christ's sake! And this time he says it's serious!

        I know, I can't believe I said that without cracking up like Harvey Korman, too.

        I'd like to thank the Academy ...


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