8 thoughts on “I Won't Hold My Breath Waiting For The Apology…”

  1. It's gone? Oh my. Before Willie ever got a chance to find out who ran it. No effort in his lawsuit to make that determination either. Odd, some might call it.

    1. You mean how NONE of us ever, ever, ever commented there, and some guy called Paul Krenler-Clone kept linking to it, and complaining about it, and generally sounding like, and I don't mean to be insulting here, but sounding like William Schmalfeldt trying to "cleverly" lay a trap?

      I for one am _very_ surprised at how long it took William Schmalfeldt to try to take that site down, and at how little effort he put in court cases to find the owner of that site, compared to other, more civilized sites that were admittedly (proudly) devoted to mocking him. It is almost as if "Paul Krendler-Clone" was merely a sock puppet for Bill or one of his friends on Team Kimberlin. Although I don't really see any of the others matching the tone-deaf desperation of the "look at MEEEEEE!!!!!" enthusiasm PK-C brought to the role of agent-dumbfuck-provocateur.

      Furthermore, one has only to [REDACTED - DO NOT EDUCATE THE MONKEY - PK] in his otherwise unrelenting string of failures.

      But that's not my problem.

      1. My apologies... I still maintain that one _cannot_ educate the monkey. Your "do not" admonition is noted.

        And seriously, it was really f_ing obvious... your site, your rules. I don't want to cause anybody trouble.


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