Would this include Actual Restraining Orders that say stalkers like you are ORDERED not to write to or ABOUT the various dozens of people you have been ORDERED not to stalk?

Or are those orders that apply to you just Pretendy Law?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Hey, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. You aren't lost, JeffM.

      OTOH, the fat freak is addled by dementia. Luckily for the lulz, self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower is too arrogant to even consider that fact.

  1. Frankly, it will be "pretendy law" unless and until law enforcement slaps some real handcuffs on the DUMBFUCK. Sociopaths like Schmalfeldt always ignore the law until it has the teeth to bite them.

  2. Would this, by chance, include court ordered restitution? I'm certain you would be upset if someone didn't pay what a court ordered them to pay, right Bill?


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