26 thoughts on “Good Night, DUMBFUCK!!”

  1. I have it on good authority that Hoge and Bennett were making googily eyes at each other

  2. I was hoping that could be kept quiet and a DUMBFUCK could labor under the illusion that he knows what he's doing a while longer. It amuses me.

    1. No worries about that, Nonpareil Neal. Dementia's like that. So are DUMBF**Ks, especially the dementia addled self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower. *hic*

  3. Lulzsuit III remains my favorite of all the lulzsuits. It crystallized Schmalfeldt's ignorance so beautifully. And the whimpering afterward about how "There's only justice for the Hoges of the world, not me" brought tears to my eyes. It still does.

    1. I often confuse that lulzsuit with Lulzsuit IV, in which William made a titanic mess of Maryland law in trying to sue BPO and Hoge.

  4. Too bad Bill wasted $400.00 on that filing fee, not to mention whatever he spent on the process servers. He could have spent that money tricking out the golf cart of doom.

    But then again, since he went "out for a stroll" today, I guess that would be more money down the drain.

    1. Why not rebrand our higher institutes of education to more accurately reflect their focus? For instance, UNiversity of Virginia would rebrand as DIversity of Virginia. Alumnae would be known as D-V-Ates, which seems only fitting.

  5. Only a DF would post a picture of his sister who is obviously holding her GRANDCHILD and state that is was the sister holding her CHILD, the oldest niece with whom he's, of course, super-duper friends with.

    Because commenting on a Facebook post now and again certainly makes you super-duper friends. I wonder if his family is aware he is putting them on display in such a manner.

    1. I wonder if his family is aware he is putting them on display in such a manner.

      You mean, again?

      Someone with the archive might can find the exchange when he pointed to Peter a year or so ago as proof of something and Peter told him ~"Don't drag me into your crap (again)."

      It's obviously not a new thing. Like his wife's family. (Who seem to be rather less outraged by the supposed mistreatment of his wife after her passing into a realm where reputation is meaningless.)

      Luckily for Bill, even Krendler, his mirror, has more scruples than to respond as Bill would have to those FB posts. ("OOoooh! Dox targets! Information! "Journalism!" "Yes, my name is Bill Schmalfeldt, and I'm wondering if you know.....")

      ... The "most depraved people you know"... and they're exhibiting more social mores and grace than you do.

      There's a insight in that.

      1. Now, I could respond like that...“OOoooh! Dox targets! Information! “Journalism!”

        And that would send DF into fresh rage...of course I would only talk about having done it (where DF could see), not ACTUALLY DO IT.

        Which would be FUN! But counterproductive this week.

        See, I'm not really crazy.

      2. "The Moment You Realize The Depraved Zombie Copying You Won't Do The Things You Do."

        ... I'm sure he'll have this realization soon. Well, maybe next week. Week after?

        And that would send DF into fresh rage


        Who "left the breadcrumbs" for him to trace "Sarah Palmer"? Whose fault is that? Bill: "Sarah!"

        Who "left the breadcrumbs" for Krendler to trace? Whose fault is that? Bill: "Krrrrrrrenddddddler!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!"

        Wait, wait wait. Wouldn't that be the fault of the person who left the breadcrumbs, since in the first case....

        Forget sincerity. If he could learn to fake consistency.... that would be when he'd have it made.

      3. Interesting that a comment which specifically says that people won't be contacting FB contacts is treated as a threat to do precisely that by the DF, who also claims that he posted this stuff purposely to get people to "take the bait".

        When he contacts his harassment targets' friends it's the fault of his targets. But if someone were to contact his friends it's suddenly the contacters' faults.

        A certain lack of consistency here, but then we've come to expect that from him because nothing is ever his fault or responsibility; it's always the other person's.

        1. Don't worry. That comment will look a LOT different after William runs it through a Paint program for awhile. He's had practice with email headers.

  6. That makes 2 of you.

    He doesn't know what point he's trying to make, either.

    He's certainly not thought what reasonable, legal, and customary discovery will look like.


  7. He's so demented that he actually tried to set up "friends" and family for doxxing. The freak is so desperate for our attention that he threw them under the metaphorical bus. This idiot, that has 2 blogs that exist specifically to mock his outrageous online antics, and who features regularly in maybe a half dozen more, still can't get enough. Bill Schmalfeldt is the Internet's gimp.

    The irony is that, out of the hundred or so people that are watching this theater of the absurd unfold, I bet not one of them will do anything mean (or maybe even anything, period) to Shakey's innocent, ersatz honeypot victims.

    This truly is a desperate new low.

    1. Yeah, but who knows what Mark from MD, or any of the other voices in Bill's head will do?

      1. Agreed. That's some MAD fucked-up shit right there.

        Schmalfeldt, sociopath that he is, obviously only thinks of people as objects to be manipulated for his own slimy purposes.

  8. That's exactly what he's suggesting. Mine and my ex's various attorneys would be surprised at the analysis.

    Frankly, it reminds me of that crap Kimberlin is trying with Aaron.


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