Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!  Part Deux!

Looks like Mr. Impulse Control forgot about someone!

Perhaps there were toddlers to stalk and it just slipped by.

Maybe there were a bunch of floppy wieners to slather with mayonnaise and devour in a haze of bygone memories.

Could DUMBFUCK have simply been LYING again?  That day did end in a ‘y’ after all – I confirmed it.

Usually, when the military discusses the concept of “acceptable losses,” it is regarded as a cost to be paid for eventual victory.  DUMBFUCK probably should be considering the similar, unrelated concept of “acceptable BUTTHURT,” and way to mitigate the fact that it is infinite, and provides no impetus toward victory.

I recommend leaving the Internet for good and moving to housing located within a quarter mile of the Johnnie Walker distillery in Glasgow.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!  Part Deux!”

  1. Oh! I remember that post wherein the freak whines about being all alone for hours after SGotCU died. Yet another testament to how truly loathsome is self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower.

    No, I really couldn't imagine being "all alone" at such a time. But then again, there's never been a single restraining order against me, while the freakshow has garnered NINE.

    1. If you spend every waking moment harassing people online, are you ever truly alone?

      1. But he's a beautiful dancer. No one can take that away from him!

      2. Somehow, I don't think the dancer in this gif should be compared to The BLOB. Just doesn't seem right...somehow.

      3. I must second popcorn seller: even if Billy's moobs do rival Salma's in mass, they're just ewww.

    2. I received the call about a family tragedy while working an off-hours support issue. I texted my manager, told her what happened, and that I was working a problem but had to go be with the rest of my family.

      Two minutes later she texted back "We got this, go".

      And I am a little confused -- Bill was alone despite living with his step-son?

  2. I hadn't read his doxxing of me before -- see how little you scare me, DF? -- but the "Pets Warehouse" cease-and-desist came after I commented on the owner of that business suing people for, at the root, complaining about poor service. He sued them in Federal Court, and bragged about it being his hobby, and how he lived a few blocks from the court house.

    Eventually that guy sued a lawyer, and his hobbyist skills ran against a professional.

    Gosh, that sounds familiar. Like our "favorite" Pretendgren.

  3. So I see Mister Hides Behind the Nuns has filed motion in his LULZsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, and starts right off with a lie:

    "This honorable court sent a service packet/summons issued to Plaintiff on December 21, 2015."

    I am sure the court will be EXTREMELY interested to find out it sent a summons to a Plaintiff.


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