Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!  
…here’s another interesting fact! Cheddar Injection aka @hotcheeseshot aka DUMBFUCK [sarc on] is totally not a demented cyberstalker [sarc off] willing to dox his own process servers, friends and family members to serve his selfish interests.

Is it true that if you plug Imawoowoo Dryskinso (or whatever) into the Swahili to English Translator it comes back with “See? See!? I DO have a pesky darkie for a friend!”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I'm just as sure that stalking lawyers will end well as I am that only the most reputable businesses operate out of a PO box.

    It's a Schmalfeldt world, after all! He has the dick dents of genius, which in Mayan times would have made him king.

    Of course, the Mayans were simple and superstitious, More notably, they're now extinct.

    1. What's the over/under on how long it'll be before he makes creepy call or two to the "Fiona" he's referring to, for "investigative purposes"?

      1. He won't actally call this lawyer.

        Hell, he is too scared to call one of his own, let alone someone else's.

        She is also a female, and his dealings with them which usually ends up in humiliation for him.

      2. I'm with Neal - I'd be shocked if the fat freak hasn't already attempted contact. After all, it's not like the dementia addled and self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower has anything else to do. This is the loathsome loser's entire miserable life FAILed existence these last few years.

        At a time in life when others are spending more time with their children and grandchildren, the cub scout sex aficionado has abandoned and alienated its unfortunate offspring, and doesn't appear to have a single actual friend. Not having been blocked from someone's facebook yet only signifies a lack of interaction, not friendship.

        Is there a pool yet on how many decades-old-acquaintences and/or former co-workers would block the repulsive rimer* immediately it the diseased DUMBF**K were to gift them with its demented and disgusting attempts at comedy?

        Of course, if they're really good friends, seems like they'd already have a copy, doesn't it? Either the abhorrent author would have already gifted copies, or they'd have bought one to support their pal.


        *An extreme loser. A person who lies a lot, and can't gain anybody's respect. a very ugly person. Somebody who can't get beyond the rim of a group.

  2. Keep on "thinking" with that shit you call a brain, Billy!

  3. She meone new to these pages - hello, officer! - might nit be aware that Krendler is using Bill's own words here, a parody site, including the phrase "pesky darkies."

  4. Now that attorney will really want to nail a set of "balls" up on the wall.

    As an observation most attorneys will take on any case where they are defending a client.

  5. Why is he limiting his search to North Carolina? Is he still THAT confused as to what determines a lawyer's elegibility to practice before a court?

      1. Every day in every way he comes up with newer and ever more exciting ways to demonstrate why we call him DUMBFUCK.


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