Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

I know, right?

Who photoshopped MaryFrances Causey onto a giant cock? Hoge? He just can’t help himself!

Who sent the deathbed photo of your wife to Scott Hinkley’s wife’s business?  Grady? Well we know he’s dumb!

Who published Lee Stranahan’s home address in the apophasic context of “Gee, wink-wink, I sure hope, nudge-nudge, that nobody goes over there and rapes his wife while he’s outta town ‘cuz that sure would be terrible, tee-hee-hee!” Scott Hinckley? He sure is obsessed!

Who called Sarah Palmer’s estranged husband?

Because families are off limits, right?

Please, DUMBFUCK.  Please…this is the ONLY TIME I WILL EVER SINCERELY BEG FOR ANYTHING FROM YOU…please don’t consider the idea that the retribution that has been rolling down on you all of your life is closer than you could possibly imagine.

Please.  Keep the scooty-puff (It’s red. Vroom, VROOM!) pointed exactly where it’s going.  Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t have the upper hand, because you absolutely do.

Please.  Stay the course.

Here there be LULZ.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Why does Bill bother comment with a sock account that everyone knows is him? How pathetic and lonely do you have to be to have to comment on your own posts?

    Side note: William "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt and Fee Fee Ferguson are arguing over a fortune cookie that says "You will be unusually successful in an entertainment career."

    I don't know why they are arguing, they would both be very good at swamping the jizz off the floor at peep shows. After all, they both have experience cleaning up after other actual men.

    [FIFY as requested - KK]

  2. Well, now that you point it out... I know, It's the glasses that made it impossible to recognize self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower.

  3. "Who photoshopped [redacted] onto a giant cock?
    I recall doing that. I also recall writing to apologize when I realized I had the wrong person."

    Typical Billy: when he harasses an innocent person, it "doesnt count" if he "apologizes" after (very belatedly) realizing he fucked up.
    Tell that to Vinnie and all the other innocent people Schmalfeldt has faildoxxed and terrorized.

    1. I also recall writing to apologize when I realized I had the wrong person. - The Hippocrite

      Because if it HAD been the right person it would have been OK.

      I do not require multiple personalities

      Because The Hippocrite would never use a fake name while making vociferous public denials about it, would he, Mr. Parvocampus.

    2. What did I ever do to Sarah’s poor brain-rattled grandchild.

      As if that very statement isn't using a FUCKING TODDLER as a weapon against its grandmother. That's what makes the little pieces of shit you roll into balls and sniff LESS vile than you.

      On a swallow, from a coconut.

      FIFY - KK

      1. Is that the same toddler who has the RESTRAINING ORDER against Bill Schmalfeldt? Or is that a different child Schmalfeldt is threatening? So hard to keep track of Billy's crimes sometimes.

      2. I have no knowledge of Bill Schmalfeldt being adjudicated of stalking any other toddlers, so all I can say is that he's only been adjudicated of stalking one toddler.

      1. Agiledog, this is for you:

        On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 2:35 PM, The Thinking Mans Zombie wrote:

        > agiledog commented: "Who put the DUMB in DUMBFUCK? We know it was The > Bobber who put the FUCK in DUMBFUCK...." >

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt spews: "I didn’t realize that they were so bereft of human compassion that the photo would become the focus of the website you created."

    He is accusing my wife of distributing that photo without any proof whatsoever that she did it - the photo was sent to at least 6 people, and a public mailbox. There is no evidence she did anything with that photo other than print me copies to file in court cases.

    He also vomits up: "I don’t expect any humanity from a psychopath, but Mrs. Hinckley seemed like a nice lady who would understand."

    How does he know what my wife is like? Was he stalking her as well? He had never talked to her. She does not comment on these sites. How did he form this opinion? Does she need to get a no-contact order as well? And I'm a psychopath? Does he had a degree to diagnose that? And I'm not the one who has racked up 9 restraining orders.


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