Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

JEEBUS CRIPES, YERONNER!! @hotcheeseshot “JezuzCripes, Yeronner, these non-parties are threatening not to do the same stuff THAT I ACTUALLY DO TO THEM! Make them quit not harassin’ me!”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

40 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Wow. Just.... wow.

    First, you fatass freak... your cunning trap had all the earmarks of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. You fooled no one... because... DUMBFUCK.

    Second... no one threatened anyone.

    If stupidity was painful you would be in a coma right now.

    It's a wonder that Wisconsin didn't get sucked into a singularity of stupidity as you posted this idiocy.

    You sir... are the epitome of a dumbass. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul (if you had one).

  2. In which Bill "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt proves once again that he is the World's Stupidest Man™

    Say Bill, since you are so much smarter then all of us, care to point out where the threat is? I mean I can see where lorddewclaw says that Krendler and the horde are NOT doing what you do, but I can't seem to find where he says we WILL do what you do. Are you having more of your self admitted hallucinations or are you really that fucking stupid?

  3. How do I know that, any day now, the Diminished Capacity Kid is going to be dancing around the Mangina Cave and singing Steeler's Wheels while cutting off his own fucking ear?

    1. Odd how only Bill Schmalfeldt is the one with NINE restraining orders against him for harassing people (and certain 3-year-old family members).

  4. Expect an upcoming post from some new commentator...Shmark in Smaryland, liberal hcuorg, or maybe something REALLY brilliant like Iamnotbischmalfeldt...who will make the explicit threats that Bill clearly wanted, just so he can crow about it. "Look what I...I mean THEY...yeah, they...did!"

    Boy, this is just another easy one for the defendants to show the judge. "You honor, this guy is nuts. Even when someone specifically says they are not going to threaten him he takes it as a threat. Keep that in mind when he goes on and on and on about the many threats he says he has gotten, your honor."

    What his reply gonna be? "Hibble bibble!"? Or maybe...

  5. All I could hear when I looked at that was Johnny Cash singing:

    "I tell you, I've met stupider men
    But I really can't remember when." .....

    Then I thought...

    I left Maryland to start over you see.
    Didn't take much to live with the nuns for free.
    Just this red scooter and a laptop with a broken F5 key
    Now don't blame me cause I run and hid
    But the meanest thing Lickspittles ever did
    Was laughed at me when I yelled "I'LL SUE!"

    They must o' thought that it was quite a joke
    And it got a lot of laughs from a' lots of folk,
    It seems I had to fight my whole wifi through.
    Some gal would giggle and I'd get red
    And some guy'd laugh and I'd pee my bed,
    I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy yelling "I'LL SUE!"

    Well, it was Rockingham in mid-January
    And I just skipped town cause the judge was scary
    I thought I'd stop and chase someone anew
    I got contact from a famous lawyer who said "Trial? See you there, stud!"
    So I vroomed to the courthouse, despite the mud
    And quickly dropped the case, while still yelling "I'lL SUE!"

    I figured Sarah was Ash, by stalking and calling Sarah's baby's dad
    So I got some juicy info, especially about the lad
    He was separated, and his info, oh, my.
    My journalist techniques, oh the stories he told
    And he gave me info I could violate my orders (It's OK, I'm disabled and old)

    Well, I filed an amended complaint that was a surprise
    And the lickspittles laughed and said that I'd screwed up with my lies
    Sarah and Eric got a lawyer, so I hear
    But he won't tell me what I don't get to know causing me to wail and gnash my teeth
    So I'm trying to bait them with many a fearful tweet
    But they keep laughing and popping corn and not being in fear.

    I tell ya, I've fought tougher men then these dim girls! They're women!
    But I really can't remember when,
    She's a girl! she's not supposed to kick like a mule or bite like a crocodile
    But she keeps laughing and it makes me cuss
    Cause I wasted $400 and more cause I didn't get a lawyer first.
    Then I remember Hoge across the table when he smiled.

    And he said: "If you stop harassing people and acting tough
    I won't need to pursue the protective order and enough is enough."
    But I knew I couldn't stop doing wrong,
    So I called Hoge a liar and collected more orders - now I'm up to ni'!
    I knew I was right!!!, and they not profit with their lie
    And it's that conviction (none criminal!) that helps me along.

    Now they're expecting to question me, as is their right
    But that will make me look bad, as I plan on an unfair fight
    But I'm going to run, I don't know how they'll know I always do
    But before I go, before I cry
    Remember I'm "disabled" and soon to die
    So I'm gonna yell some more "I'LL SUE!"

    1. I wish there were a Billymock Hall of Fame. I'd nominate this verse for induction.

  6. I can attest that T.J can't stand the scumbag and has never trusted him. And he doesn't believe that his mom was as well cared for as she deserves. He's always felt this way.

    1. Pretty sad that TJ had to live part of his life with that man. Pretty sure BS stole some of his weed, too.

    2. Strange innit that TJ is pretty right wing and pro gun? You would think that if Bill had any influence over the lad he'd be a raving liberal like his step pappy. I'll bet dinnertime conversation was fun in the Tincasa.

      I wonder if Bill "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt treated TJ the same way he treats everyone who is politically to the right of Pol Pot?

      1. I'll bet not.

        Even a DUMBFUCK Internet cry bully would know enough to show some deference to the gun nut who's currently heeled.

        An armed society is a civilized society.

      2. If I were forced to sleep in the same vicinity as Schmalfeldt, I'd be a stockpiling gun nut, too!

  7. Isn't he the same evil foul smelling fat sack of shit that stalks 3 year olds, harasses family members at work and beats off to cub scout stories that he wrote? With 9 restraining orders from different states? The same guy who took pictures of his wife on her deathbed? He's complaining about what again?

  8. His response:

    Let the record show that Bill Schmalfeldt is an adjudicated liar.

    1. Well, admittedly, *everybody* in this group has multiple orders from multiple courts to cease such behavior.

      Well, I mean, I don't, I've ever even had to deal with such a thing, but everyboody else? Right?

      Wait, there's only 1 person who has 1, much less near to incrementing into double-digits?

      1. And, of course, we are all alleged rapists, just like Cousin Bill.

        Jesus, Bill, yer the Dumbest, Meanest (in the "cheap" sense of the word) Schmalfeldt ever was...

        Had an excellent weekend, flew the entire clan plus assorted friends and significant others to Idaho for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc.

        Rented an "executive house" just down the hill from the resort - three kitchens, two entertainment rooms, seven car garage, at least 10 bedrooms, total square footage of around 9000 square feet...complete with staff, and an awe-inspiring view...

        Evenings were board games for all, catered dinners, and cigars and scotch for those who like such things. Roaring fireplaces...

        I may have laid out the equivalent of Cousin Bill's entire years income for the weekend, perhaps more...and the party doesn't wind up until Wednesday. Maybe two years worth.

        You life sucks, Bill.

        And it will continue to do so, indefinitely. LOL!

        1. FYI Roy: you misspelled your name in the handle and got bumped into moderation as a result.

          It will happen when you change back too, but don't sweat it.

    2. I don't follow this story that closely but even I can see this Bill Schmadfelt guy is a fucking loon and a joke.


    In his transcript for Exhibit 1, he uses the term, "Boy Scouts" and narrates about a 9 year old victim of an 11 year old boy scout who is a homosexual predator. It is clear that Bill projects his sick fantasies by implying the next scene before the final fade out will involve sodomy of the 9 year old by the 11 year old with the full blessing (and subsequent photography) of the scout leader.

    These are your progressives on full display. This is what "satire" is to a demented freak like Bill, using predatory homosexual children to teach about "diversity." No wonder he likes his pedo friend Brett Kimberlin, who is MAD that his daughter doesn't have sleepovers because he has a fascination for underage girls.

    If you believe the technicality is that there is a material difference between the use of the term "boy scout" and "cub scout", you might be a DUMBFUCK.

    1. Cub Scouts ages range from 7 to 10. So his 9-year-old character is a Cub Scout. And a rape victim.

    2. Whether Bill Schamfeldt called the raped 9-year-old boy a "boy" scout or a "cub" scout would, I think, be immaterial to certain nuns at Canticle and Juniper Courts. And other residents, there for that matter.


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