Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

You know, I miss the Ruff, Tuff, Bringer of Bad Stuff DUMBFUCK we get to see at the beginning of all lawsuits it files.  Hell, it was even present right up to dinner time last night:
What happened, I wonder? Did the clouds speak? Did they tell him what a horrible mistake he made going up against people who would rather pay lawyers than put up with his vexatious harassment? Is he running out of insurance money (we’re getting pretty close to the magic $9K by now, amirite, Stolen Valor Toddlerstalker)?

What else could be the reason that Desperate DUMBFUCK is trying to bargain an almost-not-completely-mortifying-yet-exactly-as-Krendler-predicted simpering humiliation of an exit from his fatally flawed (now comes Plaintiff William M. DUMBFUCK, pro se) LULZSUIT VI – The  Undiscovered Krendler?

Just dismiss with prejudice.  It’s already a fait accompli.  DUMBFUCK is the only one who doesn’t get it yet. Wile E. DUMBFUCK has already run off the cliff…this is the moment just before he realizes the long vertical drop to come.

Even this kid sees what’s coming:Capture


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

33 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Storms a-brewin', William. Cut bait, cut anchor, and run for port. You still have time, but it's growing short. Get out of this while it's still only $400 on the line.

    1. I hope he doesn't. FUN awaits.

      If what I think is going to happen does, a DUMBFUCK might find himself locked in the second his childish, churlish and patently ridiculous complaint is answered. Time's a-wastin', just not in the way Justice Jones imagines it is.

      If I'm right, and I have no way of knowing that I am, Lulzsuit VI could prove to be the glory hole that makes an unholy mess of everything that Dumptruck holds dear. I just hope that he remembers that it wasn't any us that were giggling to ourselves as we broke out the measuring tape and saw. That was all our dim, dim boy. I trust he'll keep this in mind as the Götterdämmerung begins. If he doesn't, there will be no shortage of folks to remind him.

      And from the department of "I question the timing," it seems oddly coincidental that this "generous" offer comes precisely 24 hours after the Diminished Capacity Kid learned that the defendants have retained counsel, isn't it? The thing is, I don't believe in coincidences.

      Far be it from me to draw conclusions, but we saw what happened with Deeley, Gilly, Grady and the Foundation when a DUMBFUCK meets professional opposition. He hides just as quickly as he can.

      And if he dismisses with prejudice, so what? It just means that we're right back here in three or four months because shithead can't keep his word or control his drunken, demented impulses. So why bother?

      There are two ways this can end; and only two; with Schmalfeldt as Roberto Duran, pleading "No Más", which I've seen countless times already and am frankly bored with. Or a DUMBFUCK winds up like a law-talking Deuk Koo Kim.

      Well, fight fans, "Let's get ready to ruuuuummmmmmmbbbblllllleeee!"

      1. In fairness, this happens even without a lawyer, though I have no doubt the lawyer accelerated the schmycle. The fat freak gets its panties in a bunch, files a ridiculous mess of a FAILsuit, and then when we point and laugh instead of being intimidated, the loathsome loser drops it. IIRC, none of its FAILsuits have lasted long enough to be dismissed based on MTD.

      2. Lulzsuit IV did. That's the one where a DUMBFUCK's inability to read caused him to misapply the very simple concept of Diversity of Citizenship and he filed in the wrong court besides.

      3. How many times have we told him: "HOT. STOVE! DO. NOT. TOUCH!"

        No wonder a 3-year-old kicked his fat ass in court!

      4. Speaking only for myself, I'm weary from warning idiots of the many ways that they might hurt themselves, so I'm giving it up for Lent. instead, I'm encouraging it.

        Sometimes, the only way to learn to lose a few ounces of flesh to the hot ceramic elements. Besides, my way is a lot more fun to watch.

      5. Looks like you'll get your wish. DUMBFUCK is back to his funny threatening stage:

        Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot
        She's just too filled with hate to take the easy way, so I guess I'll see her in Milwaukee.

        LOL. He just doesn't know how deep in the shit he is!

      6. I trust he’ll keep this in mind as the Götterdämmerung begins. If he doesn’t, there will be no shortage of folks to remind him.

        I suppose at that point we'll get to see him wailing about people making him relive the most horrible day, and why can't we let him have his fantasy.

    2. Yeah, I don't expect it to happen that way, but the impenetrable stupid is the main reason I'm still paying attention.

      Okay, I do like the idea of seeing said stupid's blood painting the walls ... metaphorically, of course.

    3. "I suppose at that point we’ll get to see him wailing about people making him relive the most horrible day, and why can’t we let him have his fantasy."

      If I had interrupted my flame war for a brief moment to take a pulse and make a phone call before resuming it and continuing with a bunch of blog posts, Twitter rants and sundry musings , I'm pretty sure I'd consciously lie about it and hilariously blame PTSD when I'm busted, too.

      And to answer a DUMBFUCK's challenge, yes, I've gone through something considerably worse than watch a spouse die with several months warning that it was coming, The difference is that I don't get some perverse exhibitionist thrill from throwing it in everybody's face constantly, and I sure as fuck don't use it as a trump card in moronic Internet arguments.

  2. If we've learned anything, it's that he doesn't look towards the future. At all.

    His actions are always about something immediate, his goals, short-term in the extreme.

    So, having noticed that over the last year or so....

    Why, now, are suddenly all these issues with his "sterling reputation" so important?


  3. "Did they tell him what a horrible mistake he made going up against people who would rather pay lawyers than put up with his vexatious harassment? Is he running out of insurance money (we’re getting pretty close to the magic $9K by now, amirite, Stolen Valor Toddlerstalker)?"

    Oh, wait. What's that word again....?

  4. Like the not-so-wily coyote, someone is about to glimpse the underside of a plummeting anvil, because like the not-so-wily coyote, someone NEVER thinks his nemesis is smarter than he.

  5. Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot
    I'm just amazed they found a barrister licensed to practice in Tennessee AND North Carolina AND Wisconsin. Whoda thunk it?

    LOL, what a gold-standard moron! The answer to his question is obvious to anyone who's heard the three Latin words [REDACTED...not gonna educate the monkey]

    1. When I see; Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot my brain translates it as Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheesesnot.

    2. A lawyer-advice site won the cookie in its advice to Billy:
      Pro Hac Vice


    I came late to last night's Feldtdown because I wasn't ignoring my soulmate as she drowned in her own goo because I was busy with my own idiotic temper, which is sad because it was a Feldtdown for the ages. But if the topic de jure,is his Merry Widowhood, I'm amazed that William's still waving around Gail's pissy undergarments, as if that's in any way relevant to his 5/8ths retarded lulzsuit. If shithead thinks I'm wrong, he can send another Ex Parte letter to the judge that'll be ignored.

    A DUMBFUCK further damaged his lulzsuit in innumerable ways last night in attaching conditions to his surrender that nothing to do with the complaint itself, further proving that it's an almost incomprehensibly vexatious exercise in stupidity.

    If the defendants don't use that as a way to rip out the plaintiff's spleen in pre-trial motions, I'll be the first to denounce them.

    1. His call for TEMPORARY end to the grounds for his suit, in exchange for dismissing her from the suit, undermines his claims of damage.

      1. Yeah, I pointed that out at Ash's place earlier today.

        The damages are so extraordinary that if they only stop for a week, DUMBFUCK will drop everything.

        If that's not an admission of a vexatious lulzsuit, I don't know what it is. The subsequent REBRANDING is only going to compound that fuck up.


    1) This tweet proves conclusively that a DUMBFUCK can't read.

    2) It's only useful in a copyright case, which a DUMBFUCK dropped in less than seven hours due to chronic cases of stupidity and the fear pees!

  8. It's Saturday night and Fat Willie is just begging for a very public legal beat down. He really thinks he has a strong case. But I'd ask him how many of his previous cases has he been confident? How did those work out for ya? Bill, you just don't have the intellect to understand how written statutes, case law, jurisdiction and procedure are applied to make an effective argument. It's why you lose(or NEVER WON) every time to file one of these frivolous suits. In every one of your AVVO & Just Answer submissions, they advise to hire a local attorney. You never present the facts as they are to those guys, yet they still tell you don't have a case. Imagine what's going to happen when the actual facts come out. Not good!!

    But it will be fun to watch!!!!!!!


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