Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

From the Lost Verses of Genesis:

And the Serpent said, it is not good that the man should be humorless, I will make him a clown to laugh at. 

And the Serpent caused deep bowel cramps to come upon the woman, and she ran into a small field where she didst take a righteous dump, and then she slept: Lucifer took up the lumpy turds and breathed life into them. He brought the dumpy thing to the woman, who brought it into the man. And Adam said, this is now droppings from my woman, and stuff of her butt from a schmal feldt, and it shall be call DUMPFUCK, because it was dumped out of that which I fuck.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. You know what everybody loves about clowns? Their noses. They're red. Honk, HONK!

  2. It's like, instead of the Garden of Good and Evil, it was the Garden of Goddamn Evil.

    "Missed it by that much..."


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