21 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. That picture never says "crazy" to me, as much as it does "evil."

    I know, I know. Embracing the power in 3, 2, 1....

  2. I don't always do what whackadoodles do, but whatever I do it's certifiably certifiable. Stay crazy, my friends

  3. Check this out.


    1. Meanwhile Bill keeps sucking the public tit for a minor knee injury that never kept him from his "chosen profession" which is sitting in a chair yelling into a microphone until he gets fired....again.

      Say Bill, you have claimed on multiple occasions to be wheelchair bound. If you aren't lying about that, how about telling the VA to stop sending you checks because you hurt your knee. Hell, IF you aren't lying, you aren't using your knee for anything anyway right?

      Oh, I forgot, that would require you to have some dignity and honor. I've seen proof of your Stolen Valor. Guess that means you'll keep on sucking that tit.

  4. Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot 26m
    "Coming up a 3pm ET, the last time I will ever mention..."

    Now when have we heard Dumbfuck Schmalfeldt promise THAT before?

      1. ...and the always-LULZy "HOW DO I SHUT THEM UP?!" Bill! https://archive.is/XWjtk

        Maybe a good time for another "Let's Blog About Bill Schmalfeldt--With Pictures!" Day?

        1. If only William hadn't repeatedly tweeted those images repeatedly...


  5. http://www.tenaflyguy.com/Smiley-ROFL.gif

    Wow! An evil walking rolling penis! That should have come with a beverage warning! bwahahahaha

  6. Says the man who currently has posted photos of his stalking victims on his various blogs.

    1. How special. He tried to claim that my photo was available for anyone to use for anything since it had been posted on the local paper's website and I used it on LinkedIn. At the time he was arguing that posting anything online is the equivalent to making it public domain.

      1. Facebook doesn't make a photo public domain either. A##hole.

        To quote Facebook on photo rights:

        our license or sublicense does not affect ownership or copyright privileges for material on the site.

    2. And he took photos from my blog, and my wife's blog, and posted them on his blog and on Twitter.

      Without double standards, he'd have no standards at all.

    3. Dumbfuck Bill Schmalfeldt may regret ever bringing up the Copyright issue, since the company that oversees his domain-name ALSO has a Legal Department
      Registrar Abuse Contact Email: domainabuse@tucows.com
      Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4165350123
      Something tells me Billy's legal violations are far more glaring...

    4. I don't recall giving him permission to use and Photoshop my LinkedIn profile picture.


      I guess it's all right when done for hurtful purposes?

      From my phone. I guess I'll leave soon, since my desk is clear.


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