Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

Are you calling into question my opinion of your skills as an investigative journalist of thirty years experience?

Because if you are, your doing as bad a job of questioning my opinion of your journalist skills as you have done as a journalist over the last thirty years.

Which is one of about 63 really valid reasons why my opinion of you is so justifiably low as to be effectively zero.

Do the work, DUMBFUCK.  Start with learning the definition of “adversarial system of justice” and see if you can figure out why I’m not telling you my name.

Hint: because you’re an idiot.

Actually that was a really bad hint. It was the reason. 


He tweeted this: 

 from behind this: 



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

33 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Christmas might be coming early this year, AD.

      1. I have a feeling he's not even going to get through this lawsuit without a very bad beating. Hopefully, there will be some left over for AD.

      2. If somebody had spent the last eight months practically begging me to sue them, I'm not sure that I'd be in a rush to give them what they want.

        But that's just me. I'm not drunk nearly as often as I'd like to be.

        On the other hand, if what I think is going to happen actually does .... Nah, i'll end that thought right there.

      3. The "Bill-as-the Internet-Tough-Guy" portion of the cycle has started. It is the one part I absolutely love. We need to make sure to save these tweets for next week when he is running away in fear and shame.

        If Bill's ability to file lawsuits survives LULZsuit VI (Can you spell vexatious? I knew you could.), it will not survive the next one, should he include me in it. He explicitly stated in an email to me:

        I no longer live in Maryland. Thus, the US District Court of Maryland no longer has jurisdiction over any of the players in this case.

        I can refile in my new state as long as I file different charges.


        All you’ve done is launch a sneak attack on a retreating foe who had given up the fight. And for that, there will be retribution in a court of law.

        All I have to say to that is: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


    Heh. Actually, Paul likes watching the monkey dance. In reality, you don't want to know his real name. You think you do, but you don't.

    1. So wait.. he blocks people? Mr. "You're a coward and I am not" actually blocks people on twitter?

      Why, dumbfuck? Why would you block someone and then call THEM a pussy? Isn't that like getting your ass kicked on the playground and then running into your room, telling yourself how you wish you were a bigger person and you'd smash him? How often did you run into Pretendy Land and beat up the Dead Zombie? Did you wear a cape?

      Holy Shit no wonder you have no friends. I bet if your "supposed friends" knew the real you, they'd steer clear of you.


      1. The scooty-puff makes him feel like more of a man.

        You know why?

        It's red. Vroom, VROOM!

    2. MJ -- total understatement. Gotta say the lulz would be EPIC. That is, if we didn't drown in the fat freak's fear pee.

  2. What a difference a single lulzsuit makes. I try to remember William as the young go-getter who filed this in Lulzsuit V.

    Now, he's just defeated and lazy. He doesn't even care about his legacy anymore.

    1. By the way, have I ever mentioned how beautifully "Lying Monkey Vulva" rolls off the tongue? My highest compliments, sir!

    2. Yeah... that will go down in the annals of history as one the most kick ass descriptions of Commodore Craptastic EVAH!!


    3. That reminds me...

      Cousin, you owe me a bag of doxxings.

      Pay up, wife-beater.

      Or you are nothing more than a lying monkey vulva.

      Oh, and while you have good reason to not believe me, listen and consider:

      You REALLY don't want to know PK's IRL identity.


    1. My oh my! Isn't Billy quite the Internet Tough Guy!

  3. Names! Names! Names!

    It the internet DF Quixote!
    Deal with it.

    And try dealing with it other than your impotent orgasms.


    Hold responsible? For what? Making fun of you? Butthurt isn't a tort.

    Making fun of your late wife? You have no claims.

    Defaming you? Can't happen. Res judicata.

    So what do you have left? Red Scooty puff. Vroom vroom!

    1. He's really starting to sound like a piss-poor Donald Trump with a slightly better haircut, isn't he?

      "I'll SUE YOU!" "I NEVER LOSE!"

      None of it's actually true, but who gives a fuck? It's hilarious!

      1. Have you seen Blob's hair lately? That bald beatnik thing he's got going on makes Trump look like Fabio.

        1. It's the greatest, classiest hairdo in the world. Many, many people tell him they love it!

    2. Thinkingmanzombie website? That would be DUMBFUCK himself. He even copyrighted the posts that he wrote here and put them in a book. What will he tell the court? I filed a fraudulent copyright with the Federal govt, but it was really THAT GUY!

      1. If the Diminished Capacity Kid didn't keep running away from Krendler, that could leave a mark.

  5. Bill, even if you did get a default judgement and that's doubtful (and remember you should consider Neal before you dream of a double wide trailer this time) what prevents them from pulling a Brett Kimberlin and not paying you? You wouldn't mind them doing that or think that wrong when you support Brett Kimberlin not paying up would you? Or maybe I'm wrong and Kimberlin did pay that court ordered 1.6 million judgement? Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'll apologize to Brett and you for the misunderstanding.

    Only a pussy, puss, puss, pussy wouldn't not pay a judgement, right?

    Is baboon butt clise enough?


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