7 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. http://imgur.com/hiogVrH

    Tell YOU what, Billy. Go fuck yourself. The [REDACTED] defendants' [REDACTED] is gonna file will speak for itself. YOURE the one who's gonna have 'splaining to do, fatass punkin'.

  2. "My memory may not be accurate. SO THE FUCK WHAT? That gives you the right to torment me by bringing...me back to that moment BACK TO ME in FULL FOCUS, instead of allowing me to take some comfort from a story my subconscious created to provide solace?"

    ~@ Twitter, Cheddar Injection 2-19-16

    I have to ask, how often has his own bad public behavior been blamed (in his own mind) on someone else's attempts to just document his own public statements via public media? We are supposed to read what he says, listen to what he says, and then when it seems to upset his sensibilities, just memory hole it because he has had his feelings hurt by his own very public behavior? What a lunatic!


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