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  1. I Wash My Hands of Your Prosecution https://t.co/ktlskYXIDZ pic.twitter.com/HNcza9veVJ— Cheddar Injection (@hotcheeseshot) February 19, 2016


    I guess contrary to what he said, we are NOT done looking at his Twitter timeline. More lies as we have come to expect I suppose.

    This post of his just makes me LULZ all over the floor. Just in time for Easter DF announces that he shall "wash his hands" of this issue.
    It's hard to believe that Mr. Abstract Intellect Sooper Smarty Government Writer Investigatin Journalist is completely ignorant of the symbolism he has invoked, but he is, and has nary a clue as to what role he has cast himself in (historical evader and quitter) and the role he has assigned to Ms. Sarah. As usual, he thinks that writing is just moving words around into pretty shapes and never once gets that the idea is to use words as what they really are, handles for ideas, and use them shape ideas and express greater thoughts. His result, as always, falls flat, tone deaf, and uncomfortably odd. Thank goodness it wasn't grotesque and obscene this time.

    1. John Pinnette, who died last April, IIRC, was indeed brilliant. He did self-deprecating fat humor better than anyone I've ever seen. Louie Anderson is a near second, but Pinnette was awesome.

        1. Pulmonary embolism, but the autopsy showed he was also suffering from liver and heart disease...

  2. Hold My Fries While I Pretend To Exercise

  3. Hold My Fries While I Tame This Bull


    1. Well, I don't drink beetus-juice. So that's off the table. I do drink carbonated water with flavoring in it like raspberry or lime.

      Or you can just buy me a scotch.


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