19 thoughts on “Embrace The Power of "AND," DUMBFUCK!”

    1. That same philosophy is why my wife has bought me several t-shirts warning about incoming sarcastic commentary... I guess she thinks everyone around ME needs fair warning. 😀

    1. Is it available in size 9xl? And can it be personalized? Dementia addled and self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower is so stoooooopid, it needs the name it so thoroughly shamed visible on its clothing. Otherwise the loathsome loser forgets who (and what!) it is; and this also helps lessen the number of times the FAILed freak misspells that totally disgraced name.

    1. Problem is: if you hold a mirror up to Schmalfeldt, he can't recognize himself. #SelfAwarenessFail

  1. So Bill Schmalfeldt spewed this on Twitter: "Why does she go back YEARS to find stuff that nobody cares about?"

    He should realize that when you sue someone for defamation or false light, YOUR behavior for YEARS becomes the subject of the lawsuit, not THEIR behavior. And that you really shouldn't include dialog you wrote about underage gay sex in a court filing when trying to protect your sterling reputation. He better hope the lady judge doesn't have young children.

    And he also obsessed: "Is Chad a bad influence?" and "I wonder what Chad's last name is". Stalk much? He should give it up. "Chad" is obviously not gay, and wouldn't be interested in his fat, smelly, diseased ass.

    1. Gail's Former Abuser would be much better served if he actually (REDACTED Don't educate the monkey)
      instead of wasting time stalking someone who already has an active RO on him.

      without that being done, everything else is immaterial and moot.

      but of course he knows that. IYKWIMAITYD

      1. Neal, the last knock on the door in St. Francis was I believe Feb. 5 according to paperwork that I received.

        1. But wouldn't that mean he's been served with a stalking no-contact order and that there now exists a legal presumption that he knows he's enjoined from, say, initiating third-party contact?


      2. The Canticle and Juniper Courts peeps must be thrilled with their new tenant! /sarc

    2. Agile

      You are so on target.

      A suit for defamation is about damage to reputation so the reputation a plaintiff has created over his lifetime is relevant.

      A suit for defamation or false light is about untruths, and time is irrelevant to whether something is true or not.

      The credibility of a witness is always relevant, and so whether a potential witness has a pattern of lying over time is also relevant. There are examples of a plaintiff not bothering to testify on his own behalf, but the most recent example I can think of did not work out well for the plaintiff, either at trial or on appeal.

      Some people may think that deleting things entails that the deleted items are no longer relevant or admissible evidence. Such people, if any there be, will be surprised.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt vomited the following on Twitter: "Doesn't @wjjhoge remind you of that fussy old man at every city council meeting who delivers an unhinged speech during "public comment.""

    First, doesn't Bill "DUMBFUCK" Schmalfledt, by omission, remind you to put a question mark (which looks like this: ? for the DUMBFUCKs in the audience) at the end of every question?

    And second, doesn't Bill Schmalfeldt remind you of that old, fat, sleazy guy shuffling around the park, screaming at the pigeons to "Get off my lawn!"?

    1. Actually, he reminds me more of that old, fat, sleazy guy parked just outside the park in this:


      1. It's a testament to their current workload that Bill does not have a 'party van' in his future.

        (Context: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/4chan-party-van )


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